He can’t become a monster to fight the monster.
– Detective Oh, I Saw The Devil

I Saw the Devil is a film directed by one of my favorite South Korean directors, Kim Ji-Woon that tells the story of a young secret agent (Kim Soo-hyun) seeking out revenge for the murder of his fiancee. I thought it was worth a mention that the film emphasizes on the ‘hunt’ that occurs all through out the film, with Soo-hyun allowing his prey, the serial killer Kyung-chul to escape several times only to capture him time and time again, inflicting as much physical pain as possible in every encounter.

While it may seem a stretch to compare Gon’s situation to gritty crime thriller. In a more realistic perspective, it may not at all be that different. Hisoka is a malevolent mass murderer, one with an insatiable appetite for the blood. Gon is a wild child, amoral and focused on the hunt. He’s willing to sacrifice a good number of people if it means it’ll give him a chance to steal Hisoka’s plate.

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