This episode was hilarious and fabulous. I have no words. I think most blogs have said everything that needs to be said about this episode, so allow me to gush senselessly about how awesome this episode was. I loved the part where Kazamori gave Shinjuro three shocks as well as Shinjuro giving Rie and Izumi shocks.

And who can forget Hayami? I thought his crush on adult!Inga was something exclusive in the manga, but it’s hinted in the anime as well. Who can blame him though?

I’d love to see how the final arc is going to be. Kaishou has Bettenou, and that alone is a very frightening thought.

P.S: What the hell? What kind of business is ‘cooking yakitori in a bathing suit?’ and inviting Inga to work part time too! Shinjuro has the strangest neighbors and clients.