Un-Go’s ninth episode begins on an ominous note with Inga looking over the ruined city. Three things are heard during this short opener: Cicadas, a breeze and a gunshot. These few seconds set a somber mood and it dominates the rest of episode. I thought it’d be worth a mention that cicadas too, are considered symbols of reincarnation.

Introducing Bettenou to the story changes the mystery game in Un-Go. The show presents Benttenou as a deity, and one that Inga fears. She’s an existence that has the power to create truths from lies, and this really messes with how the viewer interprets the events happening onscreen– the mystery behind Kaishou’s crime isn’t really about ‘who did it’ but how we separate what is ‘reality’ and what is a ‘lie’, slightly reminiscent of Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent (which I have yet to finish by the way).

The characterization here was very well done as well. Once again, Shinjurou is rash about his conclusions whenever it involves a party he dislikes.   As Inga watches him throw a fit, he coolly tells him that Shinjurou can’t win in the state he’s in. While Un-Go may not seem to have the best characterization, the cast boasts of consistency regardless of the emotional state they’re in. Also, it’s been a while since Inga’s powers have been used to force someone to tell the truth in order to solve a case.

With only two episodes left, I think it’s safe to say that Un-Go may be one of the best NoitaminA shows to air this year and I’m still bitter about it not getting 22 episodes like Guilty Crown, especially when they’re pushing Black Rock Shooter to February. Who knows when we’ll get another series as interesting as this? Yeah, I’m butthurt about it.

Note: I have Chapter 3 of the Un-Go Ingaron manga running in Monthly Newtype. I just need to scan it. Sadly, my scanner is broken so it’ll take a while.