I watch the soul.
The soul can hear the voice of God.
Taste it’s sweet fragrance.
Savor it’s words.
– Safu, No.6

Admittedly, I had to rewatch this episode a couple of times, I loved it. It’s rich in detail and crafted very carefully. The story flows like passages from a book. It all weaved in deftly, something that wasn’t quite there in the past few episodes even though they all had redeeming qualities.

No.6 has been fairly consistent. In every episode, mysteries unfold while the characters flourish steadily. It’s not by any means perfect but it’s cohesive enough. Even with a new mystery out of the left field, the episode doesn’t feel disjointed. Instead it mystifies you in the best way possible. In addition, the episode’s setting is split between two worlds: Safu’s No.5 and Nezumi and Shion’s. Given those two challenges, this episode rose above it and even added in a wonderfully animated waltz performance at the end.

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