There was a time I thought Prince of Tennis was stupid and unfitting of my refined tastes. I wasn’t too happy a friend of mine (one of the few who actually watched anime) made me sit through the musical, the live action and the OVAs either. It’s was fine to enjoy ironically for all it’s glorious cheesiness, but there was no way I was going to actually follow PoT.

Looking back on it, I simply didn’t understand what it meant to enjoy something for the sake of enjoying it. Prince of Tennis is the perfect kind of guilty pleasure for me. It’s unintentionally hilarious and the only way I could possibly sit through one episode is to take screencaps and the most ridiculous lines and laugh at how much pandering there is. This is definitely a show targeted towards female fans, and I’m part of that demographic. The fact that it had idol-like male actors star in musicals reinforces that fact. I’m not really ashamed of that (not that I have any reason to be) especially when you have golden lines like this:

I admit that there’ll probably come a time where this show will lose its novelty and I’ll go back to thinking about how dumb it is but for now, I want to relish the moment. I want to enjoy this show for being oddly self aware of it’s own ridiculousness and using that to make lots of money.

So heterosexual it hurts.