NEWSFLASH: It sucks!

As a huge Junji Ito fan who’s collected his works over the past few years, I’d say Gyo isn’t necessarily his best work but Uzumaki and Tomie have already gotten their respective live action adaptations so it’s not like ufotable had a choice.

This OVA is one of the worst adaptations I’ve seen of Ito’s works, it completely warped the characters and their personalities. I don’t mind a strong female character in a horror movie, but Kaori here was less interesting than the Kaori in the manga (a neurotic mess of a girl who is sensitive to smells). Tadashi was reduced to some pitiful side character who wasn’t fleshed out well enough for me to feel sorry for him. I’m all for taking liberties when adapting manga, but none of the changes contributed to improving upon the source material. It simply brought it down to a level where the OVA had to rely on shocks, titillation and gross out moments. If you haven’t read the manga just go and read it first. This OVA misrepresents Ito’s work. Ito is hardly ‘underground’ but he’s not exactly well known. He’s been lauded as one of the best Japanese horror manga artists out there and yet not many people into anime or manga have read his works. For some people, this is their first time seeing anything related to Junji Ito, and that’s where ufotable does the manga artist a disservice.

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