I know I have had problems with Fate/Zero in the not-so-distant past but that doesn’t mean I dislike the show. In fact, this along with Un-Go and Hunter x Hunter are the three shows I really care about this fall. The rest are there just so they can fill in the gaps in between.

This episode is a prime example of why I like Fate/Zero, everyone plays an important role and each one is capable of pushing the plot forward with their actions. While I do admit that the exposition tends to get tedious, nothing that happens in this show is entirely pointless. This is an intelligent cast and you don’t need some random character to point that out for you. Each team has a very specific game plan, with the exception of Rider/Waver and Caster/Ryuunosuke. I just don’t watch Fate/Zero for the action alone, because if that were the case I could’ve easily enjoyed Guilty Crown and I haven’t enjoyed it at all.

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