Why is Waver so moe?

With 4 episodes left in the first half, it becomes increasingly apparent that the cast of Fate/Zero is made up of tragic figures. The way things progress in this series almost feel as if they’ve been predetermined. The characters all feel as if they’re gravitating towards a path of tragedy. As Lancer so easily puts it: “I harbor no hatred for anyone. However, fate was simply too cruel.”

The episode opens with Lancer’s unfortunate demise after eloping with his master’s wife. Given a second chance in life, he only desires to remain loyal to Kayneth despite Sola-Ui’s obvious attraction towards him. Apparently, Lancer is cursed to NTR people because of his mole. I’m not sure if the series has confirmed that, but I’ve been hearing about it and there’s Kayneth noticing the effects somewhere around episode 6? Kayneth is thrown into a terrible situation, forced to give his command seals to Sola-Ui. With this new team, I’m not sure how well Lancer and Sola-Ui will fare against the other masters and servants.

I’d talk about Saber, Kiritsugu and Irisviel but I just didn’t care about their woes in this episode. Their segment was possibly the most boring of the bunch.

That’s why the real highlight of this episode was Waver and Rider infiltrating Caster’s hideout and finding out that Assassin isn’t dead. There’s great development on Waver’s part, most especially. I used to think of him as a spoiled brat, but the more I watch him interact with Rider. I’m starting to think that it’s just because he lived a sheltered lifestyle. There’s also the fact that he’s very eager to prove himself. Waver’s just a kid, and his shock upon seeing the dead children in Caster’s lair shows how innocent and naive he is.

It’s a blessing in disguise to have Rider as his Servant, I don’t think any other partnership in this series is as healthy.