Linking Policy

I’m open to link exchanges as long as your blog focuses on anime or manga related works regardless whether it’s about visual novels, light novels figures or games. Usually I just link back to blogs I like to read so don’t be surprised if your link is there. If you don’t want people linking to your site just go ahead and email me to take it down.

However before asking me to link back please make sure your blog passes the following criteria:

1) No offensive/explicit content such as guro or outright pornography.

2) Your blog must have original content not taken from other sites.

If your blog fits this description then go ahead and leave a comment here or send me an email at mira @ hachimitsu . org (without the spaces) with the subject ‘Link Exchange’.


  1. Hey Mira, love the stuff you do on this here blog. :D
    Oh, and thanks a bunch for commenting on my blog before, it's a bit overdue, I know, but thanks anyways.

    I'm starting up my blogroll and I'd love it if you were there too, and exchanging links is always a good thing. :)

    • Oh, scratch that, it turns out you've already put me. I'm sorry for not putting you on my blogroll earlier, but I'll get right to it. I'm looking forward to great things from you. xD

  2. my site has a few pictures, but not really as outright as porn (hell go see for yourself)

    If you would link my site i would greatly appreciate it (of course, if you think my site has suggestive pictures then you can just tell me tell me to go away)

  3. Hi

    Was wondering if we could exchange blog links. =)

    Always good to make friends. heh.

  4. I ask of you Mira, do you want to contract with me? :]

    Let’s share blogroll link together?! :P

  5. (Darn it, all the people above me have taken all the interesting intro RPs)
    Hey Mira~
    Mind making ties with me over at Daifuuku? We’ll give you a discount on our moe moe omelette rice if you do~ (Explanation: We’re an anime blog that RPs (sometimes) as a maid café)
    We passed the Internet Café Health inspection, so no chance of food poisoning over there.

  6. Hello Mira. I like your blog a lot.
    Please take a look through my (old, rusty) blog and if you like it, let’s exchange links!

  7. Yo Mira, mind a link exchange?

  8. Hey Mira, why not join the Little Busters with me. You can be shortstop.

  9. Hello there ! :)) I Let’s Exchange Links please? :))

  10. Hello Mira :D Lets Exchange Links ? i have a blog too!

  11. Hey…

    I’ve shut down my previous blog and made a new one over at Monolith 32, so I was wondering whetger we could do a link exchange?

  12. Hi i was wonder if you could link exchange. i have already put your link to my site. (i ma kinda new to this)

  13. Hi! I really like your blog and am interested in the link exchange!

    I have my own blog at which I have started and I would love it if you could check it out! Still pretty fresh at blogging and whatnot, but I thought I’d try :P

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