Un-Go Ingaron

Story By: Shou Aikawa
Art By: Kouga Yun and pako
Serialized in: Monthly Newtype

Thoughts:  Un-Go has two ongoing manga serialized in two different magazines. Another one is running in Newtype Ace. Unfortunately, I don’t have that magazine. Also, I can’t confirm whether this is the first chapter or not, since ANN states that the manga started running on September 10. So the first chapter is likely to be in Newtype October 2011 which I don’t have. I sort of forgot to get one last month. If anyone has that issue, I’d appreciate your help!

Anyway, the manga boasts of eyecandy. It’s full of thin, delicate lines and large areas of black which I am very fond of. The character interaction is emphasized here a lot. For example, Izumi seems to have a thing for Rinroku. Rie doesn’t like Izumi that much and boldly interrupts their conversation even though she’s only draped in a towel. The younger Inga seems more openly flirtatious with Shinjurou and Shinjurou is…Shinjurou. The real meat of this chapter though is the indication that another person was involved in that car accident and you can see some characters that have yet to appear in the anime. If anyone wants the scans you can find the download links below.



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