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I’m that person on twitter who can’t shut up about the spring season. My excitement and hype for this season reminds me a lot of how I felt for last year’s spring, a season that urged me to start an anime blog.

Spring 2011 had personal favorites like [C], Anohana, Steins;Gate, Tiger & Bunny and signified the return of shounen powerhouse Gintama. It also boasted of a good number of shows that the general public seemed to adore. We had titles like Nichijou, Hanasaku Iroha, Ao no Exorcist, Yondemasyo Azazel-san and Hyouge Mono as well.

This year looks promising thanks to the variety of shows and genres present. I find that when there’s a somewhat even distribution of genres in a season, there’s a larger possibility of finding more shows to enjoy. I didn’t write this entry to come up with reasons as to why a season should be better than others though, so let’s move on and actually talk about the shows we have ready for next season!

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