“I want to love people.”
-Yuuki Shinjurou

You know what? Un-Go is fucking amazing. I’ve been holding back from uttering those words, quietly dreading the possibility of a clusterfuck ending worthy of dethroning No.6. Now that it’s over, I’m glad none of that happened.

The ending is reminiscent of Mouryou no Hako’s finale, the detective stands in a room and vocalizes his deductions. These revelations ultimately tear down the facades of those responsible for the crime committed and well, you know the drill.

What fascinates me about this ending is that even as Un-Go ends we’re reminded that even with Bettenou’s disappearance, the story doesn’t end here. The shadow of war will never completely dissipate and the world will continue to evolve haunted by it. Shinjurou will continue to reveal truths, the souls of human beings. He will go on, fueled by his desire to love his humanity.

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