Shion may not look like it, but he sure is a playa.

Is it just me or does No.6’s episodes all differ in feel? It feels like every time I watch this show something in there is constantly changing without destroying the essentials. The pacing seems a little off, but overall it still moves along quite nicely. But– there are only a few episodes left and for a series of it’s length some might find this going a bit slow.

I have an assumption here. This could be about the struggle between Nezumi and Shion rather than the actual rescue of No.6, the ED seems to suggest that the two will part ways at the end of winter.

Upon Safu’s return to No.6 due to her grandmother’s untimely death, she realizes that there’s something wrong with No.6. The city she grew up in is strange. There’s just no other way to put it. She panics and tries to get a hold of Shion, she finds out that Shion is no longer registered in No.6 and has been accused of murder. This begins Safu’s noble quest, The Quest to Get Her Man Back. Bravo.

Safu comes across a number of flags before she comes into such a conclusion. It doesn’t just happen. As someone who’s lived a life staying in one place and then the other, that weird shift does things to you. You start to perceive things you would never have noticed if you hadn’t gone and left.

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