Summer First Impressions – Barakamon

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The male lead punches an old man and pushes a little girl down the sea.

Handa-sensei is kind of a jerk.  He obviously puts a lot of pride into his work and he’s definitely not the type of slack off but when it comes to dealing with people Handa gives in easily to his impulses. In a way, he’s just too extreme and that’s exactly why this show works. Handa-sensei isn’t some boring self-insert,  he’s interesting in the same way the villagers are interesting. The result in pure, magical chemistry.

The production values for this show surprised me as well. The first episode was ridiculously well animated and paid a lot of attention to convey Naru’s relentless energy.

So yes, I loved the first episode and after reading more of the manga, I fell even harder. It’s a funny, funny show with just the right amount of kookiness to keep it fresh and enjoyable.

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  1. The first sentence was enough to sell the show. It sounds so heartwarming.

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