Diabolik Lovers Hurts.

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There’s only one otome game adaptation you should be watching and that’s Uta no Prince-sama.

Now unto the beast that is Diabolik Lovers, a story about a young girl who finds herself living with six vampires who have no qualms about sexually harassing her and then some. Yes, it’s a troubling little thing. Actually, I take that back, it’s quite vile.

A lot of people are upset that people jump into Diabolik Lovers and criticize its content, but even on a technical level, Diabolik Lovers fails to reach competency.¬†ZEXCS nails the character design and animation here perhaps even surpassing the art for the game itself but it all goes downhill from here. The rest of the production is lazy, uninspired and amateurish, reminiscent of Brains Base’s very own Amnesia which is, SURPRISE, SURPRISE another otome game adaptation.

Now onto the troubling content of the series itself.

[HorribleSubs] Diabolik Lovers - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.23_[2013.09.17_23.10.21]

Cellphone abuse is the absolute worst.

This would’ve worked a little better if everything were absolute bonkers, as it stands it’s just a ¬†little more aggressive and unhealthier than Twilight but nowhere near the exploitative insanity of Hikari Litchi Club. It’s stuck in the middle which leads it to being unremarkable. It’s cheesy from time to time but that’s outweighed by its general skeeviness. Diabolik Lovers doesn’t take a step back to give you a satirical nod because it has no idea how horrifying it truly is.

I’m left with a dry and empty heart, weary of cartoon rapist romancers.

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  1. I honestly don’t understand how twilight was unhealthy nor why it is even being compared to this at all. That and if you thought edward was seriously anything but just a bit of overprotective asshole then you should probably stay away from this show because what you think edward is these guys actually are

    • I’m sure some other place in the internet that is more willing to talk about Twilight has already pointed out the problems with that franchise, and of course I’m going to compare DL to Twilight because vampires are a huge part of pop culture nowadays and relationships with vampires always seems to be rooted in relationships that emphasize overdependence and/or domination that may lead to self-harm (Twilight) or abuse (Diabolik Lovers)

  2. Will you be reviewing episode 2 as well? It got even worse and more offensive at the same time.

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