Summer First Impressions: Gatchaman Crowds, Eccentric Heroes

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Whenever I finish the first episode of a Kenji Nakamura anime, I’m never quite sure how I feel about them just yet. There’s a feeling of utter confusion that I often wrestle with. But one thing’s for sure, I liked what I saw.

The series is certainly breaking away from the mold. Hajime is enthusiastic about being a Gatchaman, she has no problems with a tall alien approaching her, poking her chest and extracting a notebook from her. She also has no problems with giant rubik cubes with tentacles. 

The thing is, Hajime is far more unfathomable than the show’s premise and it makes for a bold experiment to say the least. The cast itself is composed of some very oddball characters and Hajime still appears to be a chaotic force.

This episode sets up the main components of the series, and doesn’t quite give away much in terms of world building. We have a secret group of superheroes who fight aliens that ‘absorb’ people, Hajime is a new recruit. That’s it. It’s weird and all over the place (as expected of Nakamura) but it goes perfectly well with the overly flamboyant style from the Mononoke-Tsuritama team. The CGI is also remarkable, it’s very rare to come across some commendable CG that blends seamlessly with the artstyle and Gatchaman Crowds does that. I had my doubts when they said it’d be CG but if there’s anything Kenji Nakamura does, it’s utilize that so that it doesn’t look out of place in his shows.

The series is certainly hinting something about the phenomena of social networking and how it has spilled over to the ‘real world’ with GALAX advertisements everywhere and how one woman uses the internet to diagnose herself (WHICH NO ONE EVER DOES OKAY HAHAHAHA…HA…HA)

[HorribleSubs] Gatchaman Crowds - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_00.58_[2013.07.13_15.16.05]Galax advertisements are everywhere, officially worse than Facebook.

Gatchaman Crowds displays a lot of potential, it doesn’t quite have the spark that Tsuritama had just yet but it could turn into something special. It sure is nice to have Kenji Nakamura back.


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  1. I probably would have enjoyed this a lot more if the characters weren’t trying too hard to be quirky. And if those quirks were actually endearing.

    • Hard to say if they’re just trying to be quirky in one episode alone. Reserving my judgement for everyone until we actually get real situations that aren’t introductory in nature.

  2. While I felt I had a basic idea of where Tsuritama was going after its first episode, Crowds is quite the unpredictable anime. The quirkiness of the former was also much more subdued than the sheer zaniness of the latter, but that may prove entirely warranted depending on what Crowds is going for.
    Crowds at least has a basic framework that it’s working off of–one that everyone is already well-familiar with: a team of superheroes must protect Earth from mysterious alien threats. In just one episode it feels like the entire stage has been set; now it just remains to be seen what the characters will actually do to to make things interesting in terms of its storyline.

  3. Two episodes in and it hasn’t really grabbed me despite it’s flashy exterior. But there seems to be something brewing there, just waiting to break loose. So I’m still rather interested in it. It’s just hard to care, since it seems a bit all over the place. Perhaps it will just be a silly nonsense package instead of something more personal like Tsuritama or even [C]?

    But hey.


    Best character ever. <333

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