K 13 – He Says Goodbye, Everybody Cries

[NWTC] K - 13.mkv_snapshot_19.20_[2012.12.28_21.30.54]FUCK YOU K.


End Note: I liked it. But this is not a happy ending. Season 2 better fix this.


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  1. aw i was hoping to hear your thoughts on the episode :)

    agreed though that it was a very upsetting and visceral end! cautiously wondering what season 2 is going to bring :/

    • Hopefully I can put something together in a few days?!

      This wasn’t what I expected but yes, I’m onboard for season 2. Regardless how we pretty much got a ‘ bad end ‘.

  2. Okay, I admit. I laughed.

    I was disappointed. Not enough to say that the series was ruined, but still. I saw the plot stuff coming, but the direction/animation and the music were very much sub-par compared to the rest of the series.

    I have three pressing questions. First, why was “Shiro” wearing a uniform for a school he wasn’t attending? Second, why did both Weissman and the 7th appear as Shiro in that one scene? And finally, what the hell happened to Miwa Ichigen?

    • but the direction/animation and the music were very much sub-par compared to the rest of the series.

      I’m especially disappointed given this is the finale. They’ve been cutting corners everywhere and recycling footage. From what I saw, it looks like the Colorless King took over someone who was originally supposed to go to the school? This is still a huge mystery. From what I remember, Shiro’s body was just one of Colorless’ victims. I wonder if their self-image is more in tune with that appearance.

      On Miwa Ichigen, I don’t know but from what I saw from the Stray Dog Story about Kuroh, Ichigen Miwa fell to illness.

      • But if the original “Shiro” just got possessed by the 7th, then why was he not in the school data base? They searched based on appearance, which hadn’t changed. Are we supposed to assume that the 7th went out of his way to erase all records of the original Shiro? I should just let it go, because I’m pretty sure they just decided not to bother with this issue.

        I just thought the floating naked Shiros were lame. I would have preferred proper Weissman versus the fox spirit, or maybe even something more mutated and amorphous, for example with multiple anguished faces trying to claw their way out. It’s not really a deal breaker though.

        So much for a king only being killed by another king, I guess. Maybe natural causes are excluded from “being killed.”

        Do you really think there’ll be a season 2?

        • just driving by to say that yep, season 2 has been green-lit and the creators have made a few comments on the official twitters apparently.

          • Well, at least there are plenty of opportunities for more story. We haven’t met two of the kings, two new kings will need to be appointed/appear, and there’s still the ambiguous possibility of the Gold King biting it from old age. They wouldn’t have to try hard to find something to add.

            (Not like certain other completely unnecessary sequels which jackhammer in new plotlines.)

            • yep there’s definitely a room for a lot to be explored in the next season. part of me is wondering if there was a plan to go beyond one season from the start or if it happened due to the success because i’ll admit, while i enjoyed it thoroughly, as a standalone, this fist season would have left a lot unanswered. i guess what i’m ultimately trying to wrap my head around is that K really is a “project” a compilation of things, good and proper, and the anime is just one part of it. it’s a smart way for them to market their franchise if anything because a lot of the little bits and pieces of information are in the novels, manga, etc. — just a huge pain in terms of accessibility for fans who are overseas!

              • I could live with just the one season. Sure there are some loose ends, but most of the major plots wrap up. Munakata “saves” Mikoto from his fate (or causing another Kagutsu crater). Mikoto’s clansmen give him a good send off, saying he was a great king, which was the other thing he worried about.

                Totsuka’s killer is brought to justice. Shiro’s true nature is revealed (and he accepts his duties as a king, even finds happiness in the form of clansmen). Kuroh is able to move past Ichigen and find a new king. Yeah, Kuroh and Neko run off into the sunset toward new adventures, but I don’t mind that ending.

                To me, this was always just one part of a larger world, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So we never saw two kings. That’s better than having them meaninglessly crammed in. I guess I just have a high tolerance for characters entering and leaving the stage, as it were, without having their entire life stories explained in detail. I always feel like it’s a sign of a deeper, reasonably well-constructed world that extends beyond just what we see.

                I honestly thought for a while that the anime would end with the King system dismantled. But I’m glad we didn’t get that. It would have felt pretty hollow.

                (I do agree about compilations being the bane of foreign fans. There’s just never any way of experiencing all of it fully and properly.)

                • i have to echo everything you’ve said. should probably have phrased myself better up above — i absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed the series and the season and i do think that it came together and developed rather well and answered the questions slowly but surely. i guess if i’d just been watching the anime alone, i would still have some silly questions left after the first season (but i sort of tripped and fell way in over my head and dug up the HOMRA spin off manga and the audio dramas, etc, which i think helped flesh out some of the characters for me a lot more). i’m probably a lot more character-centered with my shows so the side-media helped. with a cast as huge as this i can’t really blame them for elaborating on everyone 100% in the anime and it would be impractical to expect that.

                  i think where i’m left a little uneasy is that i felt the finale didn’t give me any kind of emotional closure (but that could just be me and my terrible choice of characters i always tend to invest in). and even then, i feel like the uneasiness of it was deliberate and the execution (both literal and figurative–oh look, an unintentional pun!) did a hell of a job in demonstrating just how rough the kings have it at the end of the day.

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