October Round-Up – Shounen Dominates the Rankings

We’re almost halfway through the fall anime season and what a season it has been! I picked up 15 shows this season! What a record! I haven’t watched this many shows in a very long time. It’s not like anime has suddenly turned into a medium where all projects are artsy and experimental, itsjust managed to produce a diverse list of shows.

14. Wooser

2 minutes of jokes I don’t really get but Mamoru Miyano voicing a perverted rabbit is good enough for me.

Me every episode.

13. Sword Art Online

FAIRIES. This show is so bad. It’s like A1 Pictures decided not to make a good anime and purposely sabotaged themselves. How do you do that? By bringing in fairies and incest, of course! I still think it possesses a lot of great ideas, but it all ends there.  Episode 1 was actually a preview for an upcoming show that is NOT Sword Art Online.

Why the fuck not?

12. Code:Breaker

I have no idea what the fuck is going on but C:B is so cheesy I can’t help but tune in. There’s this guy who has tea everywhere, a rejected cast member of K-on! I believe.

11. Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai

It’s a fun show with very physical comedy. As you can see, I’m not forced to think too much when I watch this show and sometimes that’s okay. Sadly, most of the girls aren’t very smart and the MC is better off being a chuuni. Oh and the jokes are starting to wear thin but hey, I watch it for the FIGHT OF THE WEEK. It’s like K but with less speculation and mystery.

10. Shinsekai Yori (ON-HOLD)

SSY fell last in the rankings because I’m putting it on hold. In the event that things come together, I will watch it…eventually. It’s not a series I find fitting to watch on a weekly basis and yes, I’m not that impressed by it. Why? Hamfisted exposition, ‘world building’ and characters all destined for ruin…oh wait– that sounds a lot like Fate/Zero but with a severe lack of Rider! Don’t get me wrong, I love depth and substance. But I like being entertained too. And these kids are eye rollingly annoying at times. The best character is Mamoru because all he does is cry. That says a lot, actually.

09. Kamisama Hajimemashita

The only shoujo show to survive my impeccably shounen taste. This is essentially Natsume Yuujinchou: The Shoujo Romance aimed at 14 year old girls. The comedic timing is fantastic and the cast share a great chemistry with one another.  Mind that Akitaro Daichi is also great with doing very emotional scenes, something I look forward to in the series.

08. Ixion Saga DT

I have no idea why I enjoy this show as much as I do. It’s just such a great breather. The ball jokes tend to get old, but somehow this show just makes it work.

07. Magi

Magi didn’t exactly have the best start, and it’s only last week when the anime starting showing its potential. I hope it explores the political strife in its world. The characters aren’t that great, but shounen shows tend to start off that way.

06. Gintama

It’s the same old Gintama and it’s still funny.

05. Zetsuen no Tempest

Now, this show has the best premiere and all, but dammit all this talking needs to go away. It hampers down the show A LOT. The good thing is that I really like Mahiro and Aika, that’s enough to keep me watching.

04. K

K is  the victim of its own hype. I do not understand the hatred for this show, not at all. It seems more like an unfortunate scapegoat rather than a genuinely bad show. Beautiful art direction, fabulous music score, fun characters and a very compelling mystery. I want to know what’s going on. I want to find out why Tatara was killed, who Shiro is and why Kings are only allowed to use their powers to a certain extent. And man, I sure am glad it’s not doing some overt kind of social commentary which instantly makes it the least pretentious show of the season.

03. Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass is just– my kind of show. It’s what I like to see in anime. I like dystopian futures but I like them even more when they reflect the current world we live in. That’s what Psycho Pass does and it does it competently. It’s no Un-Go, but it’s pretty neat.

02. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

DIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wish this show had more than one episode a week. It’s glorious.


01. Hunter x Hunter

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have HxH in these ranks because it almost feels unfair. Good thing it won’t be included in my 2012’s best because it’s an ongoing show. It did such an amazing job with the Requiem scene, I had goosebumps watching the whole thing. There’s just something about how visceral this remake is. I love it. The characters are so well crafted and this arc in particular shows us how it slowly breaks down Kurapika’s noble character. Again, what a difference what a strong source material makes. You can see the strength of Togashi’s writing with these little nuances. Madhouse has yet to disappoint me and the best is yet to come!

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  1. I’ve been meaning to check out Kamisama when I have time but the idea of it being “Natsume Yuujinchou: The Shoujo Romance” strikes me as an excellent description and makes me all the more eager :D

    Agreeing with everything re: K and Psycho Pass (and how Un-Go set the bar high *sigh*).

    • Kamisama Hajimemashita’s a nice, down to earth show. I compared it to Natsume because of the youkai, but uhm, Natsume’s definitely the better show. Do check it out though!

      The problem I have with Psycho Pass is that it isn’t as subtle or astute as Un-Go. I hope that changes soon but this week’s episode hasn’t helped me gain confidence in it yet.

      • I find it kind of interesting and ironic that for all of Un-Go’s really spectacular insight and depth, it was really not a very popular series when it aired and I could probably count on one hand the number of people I know who stuck with it. It dealt with such heavy material with almost an air of poetry that I appreciated and was so unlike anything I’d seen before. (And yeah, part of me is probably just bitter because a lot of series that weren’t even half as great got more screen time and recognition…but what can you do?)

        Psycho Pass is flashy and dynamic, it tackles a lot of questions and subjects that have always been interesting to me so I find it engaging in its own way even if I do entirely agree with the lack of subtlety. I thought the pilot was great with showing without telling but since then, not so much. I like that it’s getting some interesting discussion out there though since not a lot of series have that going and they still have a bunch of episodes to go though so I’m interested in seeing how that will go.

        • Un-Go had the misfortune of airing beside the heavily promoted Guilty Crown and we all know how GC turned out. It’s difficult to describe Un-Go, it’s a heavy social commentary and an exploration of warring philosophies. There’s just so many things explored in Un-Go that not many shows of that length are able to cover. The script in particular, is the strongest I’ve seen from last year. However, I feel like it’s quite a niche show and difficult to recommend. That said, it’s set a certain standard for me especially when it comes to cyberpunk-dystopian flavored Noitamina shows. I’m always saddened that the dream of having a second season will always remain a dream. ;_;

          I feel the same way about Psycho Pass, but I’m not sure if I’ve gotten a good grasp of the show’s tone and mood. But for what it’s worth, Urobuchi touches on very interesting topics so I’ll definitely keep an eye on it.

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