Fall Anime 2012 Picks – Urobuchi Writes Fanfiction and K Understands Marketing

This season is a mixed bag and that’s always very, very good in my book. Variety is what keeps anime interesting, it’s true that the industry is facing stagnation but I want to believe that they’re trying hard to move away from that. Unexpected hits like Tsuritama and Humanity has Declined (yes, I don’t watch this show but it’s nice to see an anime so different from the pack get recognition from fans) is kind of a good sign.

Picked the Fuck Up Tier


Ixion Saga DT

Takamatsu Shinji’s name instantly puts this show in my ‘to watch list’. This guy knows his comedy. Remember Daily Lives of Highschool Boys? To make things even better they’re also getting Yamatoya Akatsuki (Gintama, Yakitate! Japan) to do the script and series composition. Oh. And it’s animated by Brains Base. How can I not be excited for this show? Although if you’re not into this brand of humor or are immediately turned off by anything that resembles a shounen battle series, chances are that you won’t enjoy Ixion Saga DT. Prediction: Sleeper hit or utter shit.


I’ve heard good things about the manga and the premise sounds promising. Deciding who will rule the world? It’s an unusual goal for a manga to make which leads me to believe that Magi isn’t your typical shounen. The only problem I have with Magi is that it’s an ongoing manga adapted by A1 Pictures and the guy they have behind the series composition is Hiroyuki Yoshino. Yes, that Hiroyuki Yoshino who brought you Guilty Crown (among other things, like– Seikon no Qwaser). Prediction: A1 Pictures can’t into adaptations

Psycho Pass

I suppose the rumors of Gen Urobuchi writing this have been confirmed? I know some people are more than willing to be skeptical. But Urobuchi’s a real bro who has a Donnie Darko userpic on twitter and wrote Equlibrium fanfiction. I’d love to see where he goes with this show. The rumored director is Naoyoshi Shiotani, who I remember seeing in an interview on NHK on his work on Blood-C: The Last Dark. He hasn’t done a lot of projects and I haven’t seen his work on the Blood-C movie so it’s hard to tell what to expect from him. Prediction: It’s the deconstruction of the fujoshi bait show.

Zetsuen no Tempest

I’m developing a growing love for Bones’ recent project They don’t always produce consistently good work, but they try to. I’ve seen what Andou Masahiro has done as a director for Hanasaku Iroha and Sword of the Stranger. Let’s just say I like him better when he’s doing action. I’m not familiar enough with Mari Okada’s body of work, but she’s a familiar name. She did a horrible adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin’s Shin Kyoto Arc, but at the same time she wrote AnoHana. Did I mention this show has Shakesphere references? That doesn’t instantly make you ‘deep’ but hey man I’ll take what I can get after Un-Go. Prediction: Expect No.6 levels of theatrics, warranted hate base for being loldeep.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure The Animation

David Production surprised us with Level E and here they are again, picking up Araki’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s a risk, but what’s life without a little danger to spice it up? Kudos to this studio, I’d rather have this than them doing InuBoku SS season 2. Prediction: ZA WARUDO.

Litchi Hikari Club

First of all, it’s going to be a bunch of comedy shorts so don’t go expecting the kind of gore you’ve seen in the manga. Secondly, the gravest mistake anyone can do with Litchi Hikari Club is taking it seriously. It’s a parody of EroGuro but a tribute to Suehiro Maruo’s work. Its ridiculously depraved and it’s best enjoyed when you think the mangaka is just making one big joke of a subculture that prides itself on being so. (SPOILERS) Someone gets stabbed with a toilet. Prediction: No one is going to watch it after the first episode.

Shin Sekai Yori

OMINOUS CHANNNTTIINNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Clearly we’re gonna praise the shit out of  this show and then it reaches episode 8 and it drags the fuck out of everything. Joking aside, it has a strong source material (A novel that WON ALL DA AWARDS) but I’m not seeing a masterpiece here. Prediction: CHANTING, GRIMDARK AND UNDERAGE SEX.


K is a stellar example of hyping a show without passing itself off as OMGDEEP or ‘Incoming Masterpiece’. Over deliver on visuals, attack the senses and then keep your plot under the wraps. If you’re going to lower our expectations do it discreetly like how K does it. This series is definitely showing off its animation in the trailers, and the 100 visuals available on their site still boasts about it. They know their fight choreography and that’s going to be a major factor in the series seeing that not many other shows are boasting the same things (possibly except for Magi and Jojo). Prediction: Will outsell  most shows next season and will garner a hatebase for being what it is.

Could Be Sugoi Tier


Kamisama Kiss

Oh, Akitarou Daichi. He does quite well with heartfelt stories and lighthearted fluff. But is it so much to ask for something darker in tone?


It’s from the people who brought us Steins;Gate, so there’s a fairly good chance that it’s decent.

Little Busters

I heard this was the best KEY GAME EVUR, I have not seen anything by Key so I’m hoping this leaves a good impression.

Code : Breaker

Generic shounen that could go either way. Kuroko no Basket has a great cast of characters with some very strong character development, if Code:Breaker can deliver at the same level– it may be a keeper.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai

I kind of liked Nichijou (I need to pick that up again). And this one doesn’t look as boring as Hyouka.

And…that’s it. I was interested in BTOOOM! but the trailer had (attempted) rape in it so I’m not so sure about that one. Madhouse you’re breaking my heart but at least you’re doing a good job on Hunter x Hunter!

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  1. Finally somebody gives me a straight answer on Litchi Hikari Club.

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