Sword Art Online 08 – Killing Time

That’s what he wants you think.

Sometimes you hang around with a person for so long, you tend to forget that said person is kind of a jerk. So imagine taking a vacation (any place), and then you come back two weeks later waiting for him to pick you up at the airport. But he doesn’t, so you take the taxi home. When he visits you the next day to apologize, all you can think of is: Wow, you’re a douche.


I think that sums up how I feel about Sword Art Online.

SAO: A Love Story

It’s not wholly detestable, but SAO has always threaded the thin line between good and mediocre. This episode falls into the latter category. There’s something to said about an episode that immediately skips to two years later and has one of the main characters pop up conveniently so she can get to cooking that Ragout Rabbit. It’s a poor way to set up what appears to be the main arc of the story.

Not to mention that the conflict in this episode could’ve been easily resolved if ¬†Asuna stood her ground against her stalker-ish escort. But that would mean Kirito having to step down and not take care of his women! What kind of protagonist would he be then?! I’m fine with Kirito meeting girls, I’m fine with said girls falling for Kirito (It’s not like he’s a bad guy or anything, boring probably but hey! We’re allowed to like boring people too!)– but this recent treatment of Asuna is disappointing.

I expected more from this series. It’d be understandable if she were a newbie who actually needed the guidance and protection, but when you’re vice commander of a big time league stuck playing this game for two whole damn years– there’s got to be tenacity in there somewhere. Was it unfair for me to expect this from SAO? I think not.

SAO: An Interpretative Dance

I don’t know what’s going on here.

I might be nitpicking but SAO’s fight choreography bothers me to no end. There’s little weight, gravity or friction in every blow and every step. Sure SAO is set in a virtual reality where the laws of physics need not apply, but there has to be a sense of realism to some extent. These fights feel like an excuse for characters to do ‘cool’ poses.

Dance Kirito, dance like nobody’s watching.

Final Thoughts:

I do appreciate a series that touches on social themes, but SAO has yet to fully convince me that it can tell a great story. Protip: Spending nearly half of the episode on downgrading one of your female main characters is probably not the way to do it.

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  1. There is something wrong with the writing when every female character that Kirito interacts with needs protection/saving. It is especially disappointing that Asuna was degraded in such a fashion because she was originally portrayed as a stronger, or at least more independent, character.

    • True. I wanted to believe that SAO was going to be more than just silly wish fulfillment, there are real consequences to the game– but when every girl is turned into a damsel in distress so they can fall for gallant, dark knight Kirito, that’s when you know this is starting to reek of fapfiction.

      I initially liked Asuna for her independent attitude, and this episode just ruins that in 22 minutes.

      • @mira actully the girls you seen until now beside lizbeth are side characters so they will not be in the main story only lizbeth will arrive later about asuna you will get good impressions from her in the next episode in the boss fight

        • you will get good impressions from her in the next episode in the boss fight

          I hope so! We’re only half way through the show so I do hope they can redeem her, she was one of my early favorites.

  2. @mira episode 2-7 was just side stories which not part of the main plot beside lizbeth which will apear later and you will enjoy asuna fight skils in the next episode boss fight

  3. @Mira actully i dont think we halfway in the show yet since it have 25 episodes also the main plot was start in this episode

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