Shounen Sundays: Kuroko no Basket 17 & Hunter x Hunter 41 – Effective Antagonists Matter

Official Kuroko no Basket material suggests that Tadatoshi Fujimaki (the mangaka) is good friends with Yoshihiro Togashi. I have yet to see Togashi’s influence on him, but if there’s anything they have in common, it’s their ability to create charismatic characters.

Aomine and Kuroro are direct opposites, while Aomine represents this incomprehensible, chaotic energy– Kuroro is the quintessential enigmatic leader. Their presence in their respective shows are always welcomed. We’re usually conditioned to root for the good guys, sometimes a well written villain can change that and that’s exactly what these two characters (and the whole Genei Ryodan) are capable of.

As Shinmaru puts it, nothing momentous happened in this week’s HxH and it was mostly spent on introducing characters and build up but there’s no denying that just having these characters talk and be oozing with cool is enough to get you hyped up. I think good villains are supposed to be like that. Although to be honest, I don’t view the Genei Ryodan as traditional ‘villains’, even though if this were a conventional series that title would be plastered all over their heads.


P.S: I’m tempted to call Aomine overpowered, but so far he hasn’t shown and bullshit abilities like Kise’s copying or Midorima’s I CAN SHOOT FROM ANYWHERE IN ZA COURT. ¬†Even Kuroko’s invisibility sounds more like bullshit than just say, ‘a really, really strong basketball player’. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t because he’s already too powerful as it is.

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  1. I keep hearing about this Togashi/Fujimaki interview so I need to hunt it down. I’m curious to hear what Togashi would think of a sports manga like KnB.

    Ryodan oh yeah~ I’m half way between excited and frightened for the Yorkshin arc. It’s so weird seeing these characters that used to mean so much to me again. The villains in Togashi’s mangas are hard not to love because you can tell he loves them so much too.

    The latest KnB ep featured some really impressive animation! I would say Aomine is overpowered in a sense because his role in the story requires him to be (as Kagami’s rival). I have to admit I’ve now gone ahead and read the manga so I’m completely spoiled, but still looking forward to what’s to come. Getting ahead of myself massively but I can’t wait for Murasakibara.
    Also, this is hilarious:

    • First off, I HAVE to apologize for the late reply. Sorry Ando!

      Whenever I come by the translations again, I’ll make sure you drop a link to it. It seems that they’re close enough that Togashi has already given one of the KnB characters the nickname ‘Scissors Man’.

      This Sunday will surely be a test to see how far Madhouse is willing to go with the violence. I love Togashi’s villians, and…well most of his characters. Now if only he’d get out of hiatus!

      One of the reasons I love watching KnB is because of the animation. They have some pretty talented people working there. Judging by the name, Murasakibara’s the violet haired dude. LOOKS EXCITING! I’ve been glimpsing at the recent chapters of the manga, but I’m too scared to spoil myself completely ahhaha!


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