Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 03 – I Watch it for the Fairies

It’s decided. The three shows with the most votes are Sword Art Online,  Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita and Natsuyuki Rendezvous. Thanks to everyone who cast their votes!

After that fantastic second episode, I couldn’t help but feel a little let down with what Jinrui had to offer this week. I liked how the series subtly implied the absence of a specific culture that the audience could easily associate with modern societyI’m not against the idea of delving into the topic of the otaku subculture, but this felt like an episode I would’ve preferred had the series had more world building done. I understand that this is largely a social critique and subcultures are a part of that but I just didn’t expect it so soon especially when we know so little of the simpler things in Jinrui.

The way this episode went on and on about the process of how Y revived the Comiket was staggeringly boring as well. I love watching things about the manga and doujinshi side of the industry, how it is as a subculture and how sometimes– it’s just not that good for you– but this just wasn’t captivating me. I had to pause a few times just because I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to anything the show was saying. I suppose it’s because we’ve seen this done before and the writing just wasn’t sharp enough to deliver anything noteworthy. Stuff like Y not being passionate about human history, girls not being able to do their jobs because of BL, manzines being dropped because food needs to transported– that’s cool and all but it lacks the punch or insightfulness I expect a series like Jinrui to have. It doesn’t feel extreme enough, and it isn’t that subtle or refined enough either. Everything’s just too wishy-washy with Jinrui this week.

I have a feeling the show does know how to do cliffhangers though, that last scene really made me want to see the next episode. With all that build up behind us, here’s to hoping the series has something fun and scathing in store for us next week.

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  1. This show has been so consistent so far.

    Watashi’s character is now my top favourite character. such loveable thoughts, and personality.

    the dark comedy doesn’t get tiring at all. or even the stupid bits like the “baan” at the end and having both characters just staring at it. just that is enough to get to me and make me spill whatever i’m drinking.

    • Unfortunately, I guess this just isn’t tickling my funny bone right now. I admit that the show has touched on interesting topics though!

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