Summer First Impressions: Muv Luv Alternative, Uta Koi and Binbougami ga!

Muv Luv Alternative

I just want this whole backstory out of the way, because we all know errbody’s gonna die, there’s going to be delicious suffering and then TIMESKIP. Back then, people were happy with anime girls being cute but we’ve evolved beyond this point and we’ve taken pleasure out of drinking the tears of fictional girls in despair. Muv Luv does a decent job on exposition, but the characterization is lacking. Not that it matters that much when you already have an idea what’s going to happen to these girls.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this set in the Heian period? If you’re into period pieces and romance this could be a great way to entertain yourself. I on the other hand have no interest in these things. The artistic representation (a.k.a let’s put THICK OUTLINES ON ALL THE CHARACTERS) doesn’t do much for me either. Dropped.

Binbougami Ga!

So this is another Sunrise comedy brought to you by the people behind Gintama, one of my favorite comedies. Binbougami Ga’s first episode certainly made me recall Gintama, but it’s still not quite there. You see, Daily Lives of Highschoolboys almost had this restrained energy that never got to obnoxious. Binbougami Ga! is extremely obnoxious– it really needs to tone it down. The emotional parts were surprisingly good though, and I’m looking forward to what Ichiko and Momiji are going to do next. Could be the comedy of the season if it plays its cards right.

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  1. Muv-Luv: Yes, thanks to you bloggers, I do in fact know about the upcoming massacre. Then again, I’m not so sure if I would have given this one another chance if you hadn’t told me, so in one way or another, I’m in your debt. I think.

    Uta Koi: “If you’re into period pieces and romance this could be a great way to entertain yourself.”
    Nah. Usually, I’m all into to some classic japanese romance stuff but this was just bland. Way too bland. Ten minutes per love story won’t cut it.

    As for Binbougami Ga!… well, who cares about making jokes since SHOUTING is so much more fun?!

    • I’m in your debt. I think.
      Unless it turns out to be utterly terrible, then we might be at fault there.

      Oh good to hear that it’s just not me who didn’t find Uta Koi that enjoyable. I just can’t get myself to care.

      Binbougami ga! needs less shouting. I’m used to this kind of humor but Binbougami ga does itself a disservice by being this obnoxious.

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