Summer First Impressions: Famiglia Arcana,TariTari, Humanity Has Declined

I love this time of the year, don’t you?

La storia della Famiglia Arcana

I can go on about how decent the production values are and how Felicita is what makes this show better than most of its kind but I won’t. Arcana is so clumsily put together that it squanders its own potential. This episode featured some of the most obnoxious methods of exposition I’ve seen in anime for a long time, and we all know how crazy about exposition anime is. The male characters all seem to be taken from some other show and were forced into erm, ‘mafia’ attire and given a specific quirk based on a Tarot card. I want to like this show, but it really needs to pull itself together and try harder– I just don’t buy it.

Verdict: Needs to sound less like a game manual.

Tari Tari

A character that deserves his own show.

P.A Works is back with Tari Tari.  The studio is a lot like KyoAni in terms of producing shows that are very pleasing to the eyes, Tari Tari is no exception. Visuals aside though, there’s nothing special about Tari Tari– I can’t remember and of the character’s names and the music just fades into nothingness. All I remember is that dude being a baka gaijin and all the hilarious DRAMA surrounding creating your own choir club. Tari Tari’s is trying to tell a story that needs a lot of heart, but none of these characters feel real to me. They’re all too perfectly molded and given a specific role that it becomes impossible to relate to any of them.

Verdict: Ditch the whole premise and stick to showing adventures of Baka Gaijin

Humanity Has Declined

This season’s quirky show is all about the cute visuals contrasting with the cynical views upheld by the main character who is simply known as Sensei. Lots of fun themes here but I suppose the big picture here is that humans are dumb and are bound for extinction. Fun.

The main issue I have with Junrui is that it doesn’t quite push itself far enough, it’s fine if you want to rely on shock tactics or weirdness from time to time but I expected more from this show. The writing’s not sharp enough to carry that cynical tone all throughout.

Verdict: One of the stronger shows this season, but it’s not as witty or tongue in cheek as I’d like.  DEM FAIRIES ARE MOE THOUGH, I could listen to them talk for a long, long time.

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  1. I think the scariest thing about Jinrui isn’t so much that humans are dumb and are bound for extinction, but that the fairies are even dumber in many ways, but they’re the ones that are flourishing while humans are struggling to find enough food to live. It’s like the fairies replaced humans at the top of the consumerist food chain, when you think about it, which is pretty funny since the fairies are so mellow you can apparently control their reproduction by putting them into sectioned boxes.

    I did think that the episode was pretty strange structurally, since it began in a really odd place, lacked any sort of guiding theme and didn’t really have a proper beginning and ending. That said, I probably laughed out loud more times at Jinrui than I have at any other anime this year, so that probably means something. Also the person who wrote the light novels (Tanaka Romeo) is literally one of the greatest visual novel authors of all time, so I’m certain that wherever Jinrui goes, it’s probably going to be interesting at the very least.

    • I’d have a hearty laugh if this show ends with humanity not going extinct and instead end up working for fairies to provide them sweets. To be honest, I have no idea what to make of these little creatures.

      I know nothing about visual novels but I guess the source material is pretty strong given this guy is being noted as one of the greatest visual novel authors of all time. Not a fan of Seiji Kishi though, his works always seem to be lacking finesse and subtlety. But yeah, should be interesting to watch and see where it goes!

  2. Arcana Famiglia: I serve you a shounen tournament Me: GTHO with that tourney crap
    Tari Tari (which I liked BTW): Here’s some cute girls and boys doing cute things Me: You’re Hanasaku Iroha Season 2 aren’t you?!?
    Jinrui (also liked): Humans, Fairies, bread, what could go wrong? Me: Everything! You got two more eps to make it work you jerks!

      TariTari – I didn’t enjoy Hanasaku Iroha so I probably won’t enjoy this…?
      Junrui – In the hands of a really good director WHO ISN’T NAMED SHINBO, this would be AOTS. Seiji Kishi just fails to impress me.

  3. La storia della Famiglia Arcana: As a male viewer I usually avoid reverse harem series like wildfire, but there was something fun about that first episode! I guess the hilarious interactions between each guy made me feel like I was watching some shounen jump series! That happens a lot in One Piece the crew members often crack jokes about each other during random episodes.

    Tari Tari: Fantastic art provided by PA Works and interesting characters, but yeah the DRAAMAAA parts of this series will probably put people to sleep…that said I will watch for the headphone girl because she seems to be quite fun to watch and forcing your brother to join your club through blackmail? GOOD JOB!

    Humanity Has Declined: Random with funny moments like the chicken and robot loaf of bread? Damn this is going to be my kind of series this summer and the main girl seems to have an “evil” side to her complete with crazy ass expressions! That said I hope the random moments continue to happen, but that series is going to be p much hit or miss with most fans.

    • I guess the hilarious interactions between each guy made me feel like I was watching some shounen jump series!

      Arcana actually feels a lot like what would happen if you genderswapped Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

      That said I hope the random moments continue to happen, but that series is going to be p much hit or miss with most fans.

      Most of the people who talk about it seem to talk about the bread scene the most. I hope the show improves

  4. Spaghetti bishounen: Don’t agree with the production values but pretty much on everything else. This could work with a lot more craziness and removing all the obnoxious characters from the show. Then again, that would be a show about Felicita(‘s glorious legs) which is an idea I rather like but wouldn’t work out.
    Tari Tari: It’s better than expected, at least for the proper German they used in the first episode but still not worth talking about. To be quite frankly, I can’t wait for the first character to reveal her tragic past which is all about the harsh reality or music, being gruesome enough to shatter your heart into pieces. I bet the teacher’s also some kind of failed singer or something like that. MUSIC IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.
    Just the bare thought of upcoming hilarious melodrama makes me want to lick their tears. Mmmh… tears!
    Jinrui: This must be the first rather original anime in quite some time now: There’s cynism, the sort of humor the Japanse just can’t get behind and it’s doing a damn good job. Yes, this is what a fairy tale should be like.

    • I was sleepy while watching it for the second time it wasn’t horrible. Uninspiring art design but I do think JC staff tried to put some effort to it even though it wasn’t very effective. Hopefully this show is more about Felicita kicking ass, I’d like to see more strong female characters in mah reverse harems.

      Tari Tari’s going to be about all THESE FEELINGS and YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND

      Jinrui still hasn’t blown my mind, but yeah– so far the strongest I’ve seen from this season yet. MOE FAIRIERS ERRDAY

  5. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita is a trippy mindfu5k. Episode 1 was a bit odd, but the second one rocked. I’m so happy to have Nakahara Mai as a leading character’s seiyuu again. I’ve missed her so much.

    Tari Tari is just beautiful. Smooth animation, great backrounds. I don’t really care about the story right now, it’s just a pretty show at the moment and that’s entertainment enough for now.

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