Hey! I Buy Stuff: Tsuritama Limited Edition DVD Vol. 1


So this just came in today I’m still super stoked about it. I decided to get the limited edition for various reasons, but mostly because I WANTED THAT BOX. That aside, Japanese releases tend to have a lot of neat stuff packaged with them too. This limited edition comes with:

  • A box illustrated by Atsuya Uki that you can put in all your DVDs/BDs in.
  • An A3 sized map of Enoshima
  • A set of 2 postcards
  • A ‘Special Illust Booklet’ with more illustrations from Atsuya Uki
  • Tsuritama CD Collection 1 (12 tracks from the show’s OST)

The DVD comes with the usual creditless OP and ED and audio commentary. (Pics behind the cut)

I love the booklet since it shows Atsuya Uki’s prototype designs (Koko’s prototype designs were a surprise)!

Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

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  1. That is so cool! They really go all-out with these anime DVD sets in Japan.
    I’m rather curious about the beta character designs. I find it intriguing, the process anime creators go through when creating their characters. Looking at the picture of the four boys sitting at the table, I’d have to say the designs improved significantly for the final product.

    • I scanned the booklet so expect them some time around today? I felt the prototype designs made them too goodlooking and clean-cut hahaha!

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