Hachimitsu is Now a Year Old – 365 Days of Watching Japanese Cartoons

~戦車男~  by 黒兎

Starting this blog was something done on a whim for me but it’s constantly pushed me to think and be creative. In an area where nearly every anime blog does an episodic post, is there a way for something I’ve written to stand out? Probably not, but it does force me to think of writing what I feel was overlooked or deserved more in depth discussion. I didn’t think I would last that long.

But–I’ve survived a year. Anime blogging has had its fair share of fun and drama, but thanks to that I’ve grown a lot and I’ve learnt a lot. Here’s to hoping for more years! To the people who have only recently discovered Hachimitsu, I hope you guys like hanging around with this loser.

P.S: Yes, I need to catch up on my anime.

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  1. 356 days eh? Soon you’ll reach 365!

    I’ve struggled with finding original ways to blog about anime as well. My thinking is that you should just go with whatever idea you come up with for each post, and not try to force yourself to stick with a single format all the time. I thought it was nice how you delved into all sorts of in-depth, fascinating background information for Tsuritama ep 1 for example, and then went with just three funny screenshots for ep 2. I found it amusing, at least. :]

    I need to catch up on some anime too. But hey, finished Mirai Nikki and Aoi Bungaku recently. Good times.

    • 356 days eh? Soon you’ll reach 365!

      WOOPS! I actually meant 365. Silly me!

      Yeah, to me it’s become less of writing ‘high quality articles’ and more of actually writing something I can talk about easily.

      How did you find Aoi Bungaku?

    • It was really good. I’m all for seeing more classic literature getting adapted, especially when done in such clever ways. If you want to read all my thoughts on each story, you can find my posts over at yumestate.com pretty easily.

      • I’ve read your No Longer Human post and loved how you took apart the story and analyzed it. I hope to slowly make my way through the posts! The series has had me interested in Osamu Dazai for a while now.

  2. Congratulations on your first year Mira! ^^ Although I might not comment at times, I do love reading your posts and wish you the best for the future! Ganbare!

  3. Congratulations! You’re an old fogey like me now!

  4. Is that a real female Waver or a trap Waver? :P

    Congratulation! :)

  5. Congratulations! You might be doing episodic blogging but your content is like of an editorial just like your [C] posts which I really enjoyed reading and brought me to your blog.

    • Thank you Snippetee, as much as possible I always try to combine both worlds in my writing. Not every show inspires that from me but I’ve managed to do it for series like [C], No.6. Hunter x Hunter and UN-GO (and hopefully Tsuritama too) so I hope I’ll be able to do it more. ;_;

  6. Hi, Well after one year you have a new visitor.

    Because of tourney I poped around here and I find your blog very nice, Congratulations and well see you around.

    BTW i think you have a problem with your blog layout, it seems like your sidebar is below the comment area.

  7. One year… that’s a lot. Congratulations on making it! Hope you stay for a long time :)

    I like your new theme. Two suggestions though.

    1. Make the banner linked to the front page if possible.

    2. In comments, the person’s name seems to have an invisible “clicking area”. For example, I can click far to the right of fabrice’s name, but still get redirected to his site. Perhaps this is the theme itself.

    Oh, and.




    The End.”

    You’re a genius.

    • Hope you stay for a long time :)

      Shhh don’t jinx it.

      Thanks for the suggestions I’ll look into it whenever possible. I’m not an HTML/CSS expert but I’ll try, orz.

      You’re a genius.

      That’s some find ego stroking, sir. I appreciate it, hahaha!

  8. Congratulations on one year anniversary.
    Many would tell you that the real challenge is after two years but one year is a significant achievement nevertheless. Keep up the good work!

    • Many would tell you that the real challenge is after two years

      Here’s to hoping I can last that long! orz


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