An Insightful Post on Aniblog Tourney 2012

I’ll be busy in the next few days getting ready and participating in MEFCC, the first ever Middle East Film and Comic Con so I decided to have this posted today. I’m part of the Aniblog Tourney, and will be having my match vs. AOIA¬†this Tsuritama¬†Thursday. Not really expecting to win, but I thought it’d be a good move to at least get people voting in respect to the tournament since I’ve actually gotten some visitors and commenters through that place!

Vote for the blogs you like and stuff at Aniblog Tourney.

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  1. I like how that gif you posted somehow reflects the possible state the sphere is in if ever you put us all in a classroom, and the tourney is the topic.

  2. The full tournament list is pretty frightening. Didn’t realise there were quite so many blogs out there. I only regularly follow five or so…
    Oh and obviously I voted for you. :D Good luck with the Comic Con!

    • Yeah, I didn’t think there were that many blogs! I guess I’ll consider myself one of the lucky five! Thank you for the vote!

      Comic Con is going to be a bloodbath, so I’ll need all the luck I can get!

  3. I like the content of this blog. Mira gains 1 new lurk-I mean follower in me. Added you in my Google reader.

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve dropped by. Good luck!

  5. I found your site through the tourney, and I felt the need to drop a comment to say I really like your blog!

    You can count me in as another new reader! :)

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