Welcome Back, Fate/Zero – The Battle of the NTR’d

Uchuu Kyoudai has sort set a high benchmark when it comes to premieres this season. The only way you can compete with that is well, do whatever Fate/Zero did.

Unlike the first cour which opted to dump exposition all through the premiere, the second cour starts with the battle between the other servants and Caster who has summoned an immortal Chulthu.

They’ve already lost.

Certainly didn’t expect Tokiomi and Kariya to face off so early into the series. There’s no absolute right in Fate/Zero as Tokiomi states, “Taking responsibility for yourself is the first condition of humanity.” and this statement extends to none other than Kariya. Before one ventures into grandiose illusions of nobility, one should learn how to take responsibility. Is what Kariya sees an illusion? Does one seek compensation after playing hero? These are questions that Fate/Zero touch on during the premiere, accompanied by the noise of ongoing battle.

Stuff you tell people you NTR’d 101.

By the way, can we talk about how Gilgamesh is beyond Tokiomi’s control? Things that could’ve easily been resolved were not simply because Gilgamesh is difficult to work with. Gilgamesh himself might be Tokiomi’s very undoing. Not to mention he’s been going around having secret meetings with Kotomine. Dude, it’s like that movie Moulin Rouge.

On a sadder note,

Good night sweet prince.

They were pretty much the antithesis of every self sacrificing, noble character in this series. I just hope Caster goes out with a bang, because that’s what these characters deserve.

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  1. No comments on the Berserjet and aerial dogfight? That was probably the best part of the episode for me XD. I also thought it was rather interesting that Kirei is watching the Tokiomi vs Kariya fight and choose not to help Tokiomi as his father instructed, but just to watch.

    Speaking off, I… really can’t like Tokiomi. He’s so boring the way he goes on and on about the “nobility” of magic and comes off as foolish a lot of the time. I can see why Gilgamesh is annoyed with him. Although Kariya does as his faults, but i am still 100% on his side compared to Tokiomi!
    Really in my opinion, the problem with Tokiomi isn’t that he gave Sakura away; his reasons for doing that make sense from a mage point of view. The problem is just WHO he gave her too. Giving her to Matou “bug rape and torture” Zouken was just plain stupid. When Tokiomi said that “Sakura will have a chance of reaching the Root in the Matou house”, i laughed so hard at him. I wanted Kariya to laugh in his face for that stupidity. Tokiomi actually belives that the Matous are still thinking about that!? Zouken, as we know, doesnt care about the Root, or making Sakura into a capable mage, he only cares about immortality for himself. Zouken is just going to use Sakura as a slave and tool. She won’t ever reach her full potential that way, will she?

    In short, he was correct to give Sakura to a Mage family, but he was a total idiot in his choice of family’s, as he is in many other choices.

    Glad to see this show back, and great to have you blogging it again! :)

    • No comments on the Berserjet and aerial dogfight?
      Oh snap, I forgot! It was completely unexpected to have Berserker take over one the fighter jets. God that was badass. I’m just a little confused what Gil was riding though and how his hair stayed perfect all through out hahaha!

      I see where you’re coming from when it comes to Tokiomi, I find it hard to grasp as to why he willingly gave up one of his daughters without fully knowing what kind of person Zouken is. (Btw, I had no idea Sakura was being raped by bugs– I…WHAT?!) Is that stupidity? Hell yeah it is! Tokiomi seems to be a victim of his own foolishness and arrogance and maybe that’s why Gilgamesh finds him boring.

      The show started with an unexpected death so I’m really excited to see where this is going. (eventhough I’m a little sad it’s the last we’ll see of Ryuunosuke)

      • “Btw, I had no idea Sakura was being raped by bugs– I…WHAT?!”

        -spits out drink- Whoa really? you didnt get that? Its the reason that Kariya is fighting so hard, because that scene in episode 1 with Sakura in the worm pit was her being violated by, and implanted with those worms into her body through any available… hole (the fandom has nicknamed them “penis worms”) as part of Zouken’s “training” aka enslavement. Its so horrible and gross. You really don’t want to know what the worms do to her once their inside or how they change her body …ugh! Anyway! Now you see why Kariya is so pissed at Tokiomi? And did i mention that Sakura goes through that every single day?

  2. Hmm I wouldn’t quite call it NTR because that would suggest Aoi was unfaithful in some way, when in fact Kariya was just too much of a coward to ever confess his feelings to her. :P

    It’s great that F/Z’s back with a bang! Didn’t expect Ryuunosuke to go so quickly. I laughed at Kiritsugu shooting him even though he wasn’t sure that he was a master. He’s one ruthless bastard.

    I don’t know if Tokiomi is aware of the worm-rape and such, but his complete lack of interest in Sakura’s well-being was pretty damning. The contrast between his pompous attitude towards Kariya and his grovelling to Gilgamesh was amusing.

    • I wouldnt call Kariya a coward, it was more of a “I want my Beloved to be happy” situation. He could see that she was in love with Tokiomi, and so he stepped aside and didn’t do anything to stop it. Now though he really regrets doing that…

    • Hmm I wouldn’t quite call it NTR because that would suggest Aoi was unfaithful in some way, when in fact Kariya was just too much of a coward to ever confess his feelings to her. :P

      Oh so that’s how that went down! I have no idea why I thought Kariya was NTR’d In fact, it was Tokiomi who was NTR’d by Kotomine. But that’s sad. I actually do feel sorry for Kariya but he’s made some poor decisions.

      Hahaha! Well, as much as I’m saddened by Ryuunosuke’s death– he had it coming. It’s okay though, he died with the biggest grin on his face. I can’t say there’s a guarantee everyone else will have such an epic death.

      The contrast between his pompous attitude towards Kariya and his grovelling to Gilgamesh was amusing.

      This episode really succeeded in making Tokiomi look pathetic and arrogant at the same time.

  3. Zoken turned himself into a monster (closely Dead Apostle) and ate people, and Tosaka clan (and then Tokiomi) covered this activity for several decades.

    Because the Matou and Tosaka clans really had alliance ties in some areas.

    Tokiomi knew a lot of about Matou magic. There it is.

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