First Impressions: Zetman, Saint Seiya Omega and Medaka Box


Lumping all these action oriented anime together makes my job easier. I’m still impressed with the spring season.


Hey, at least we’re getting a show aimed at an audience who fancy themselves as manly men.

I don’t get the hate for this show, because despite delivering a poor start– there was nothing in this that felt offensively bad. The pacing was all over the place, and maybe some of you feel uncomfortable watching a young boy bathe with a fully naked blonde woman but other than that it was a decent opener with two nicely animated fight scenes. I can’t see how this is any worse than say… Mirai Nikki. The art in particular is eye catching, especially where line art is concerned. The unevenness along with the presence of a lot of small details give it a more organic feel.

Right now what I really like about Zetman is how it feels like a stylistic mix of dark western comic book heroes and Go Nagai’s Devilman. Here’s to hoping it gets a worthwhile run and doesn’t fall flat on its face.

Saint Seiya Omega

I keep hearing that Saint Seiya is a shounen series targeted towards females. I say they’re wrong and SSO is just fabulous— that’s all. It takes real guts to be as fabulous as SSO. However, I have to say that Saint Seiya Omega’s first episode was okay at best. Right now all I know is that Kouga has to protect Saori from a giant made out of glittering stars. YES. But it’s left such a strong impression I can’t help but check out the next episode.

Another plus for reviving such an old series, is how it easily reminded me of sentai ranger shows. The material’s universe is expandable and it’ll be easy to keep on introducing new saints, new moves and new villains. It’s a risk, but it could work out.
Out of these three shows, this is the one I feel the most optimistic about.

Medaka Box

Well, this turned out terrible. It’s like the staff deduced that Medaka Box’s audience are unable to stay attentive at the long speeches so they had to incorporate a lot of effects regardless on whether or not that all came together aesthetically or helped the narrative flow. I don’t care if it’s shounen or if it’s running in Shounen Jump, it’s bad because there’s no cohesiveness in the visuals and the pacing feels disjointed. This is actually something that I’ve criticized in Gainax’s previous effort at an adapation– Dantalian no Shoka.

I have to admit though, it’s funny that this show is trying to play Medaka’s perfection straight off the bat and how only one character in the entire show seems immune to being swept into her pace. It’s a clever spin on the nature of main characters in general. That being said, there’s little about Medaka Box that holds my attention.

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  1. I agree with you about these three!

    Though…I have to say that I feel a bit offended with the whole “It’s like the staff deduced that Medaka Box’s audiences suffer from ADHD so they had to incorporate a lot of effects regardless on whether or not that all came together aesthetically or helped the narrative flow” part… I am diagnosed with adhd, and I don’t have such problems (I’ve even been told that I’m a great critic, that I notice things that most people don’t), and I thought the first episode of this show was complete crap. So please, don’t say such things :/.

    • Thank you for pointing that out please rest assured I meant no offense so I admit this was possibly written in both poor judgment and taste. Anyway, it’s changed now and I apologize for that. I usually think these things over but obviously this post wasn’t one of those things. I hope this is enough to make amends.

      • It’s OK! ^^. Thank you for answering me, and for removing that part.

        Btw, I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up with the awesomeness!

  2. Zetman went too damn overboard with the grittiness, Saint Seiya wasn’t all that appealing past the initial bedazzlement, and Medaka Box was almost worse than death.

    Still, of all these I think Zetman has the highest potential to be good, and I certainly enjoyed it in spite of it taking itself too seriously.

    • I’m going to have to give Saint Seiya a few more episodes, especially when it follows the standard mahou shoujo ‘introduce all the main characters and their transformations’ before anything actually progresses.

      Medaka Box was almost worse than death.
      …OMG BUT IT’S SO META. Sarcasm aside, it’s almost painful to watch Gainax be this bad at adapting.

      Yes, the key to Zetman is not to take it too seriously despite the show doing otherwise. I haven’t seen the second episode but I hope I’m not wrong.

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