Coping with the Conclusion of the Highly Acclaimed Guilty Crown.

These aren’t tears, I just have something in my eye!

How does an anime like Guilty Crown get made, and how much do you have to fuck it up to gain such ire from the self entitled (and arguably ‘elitist’) anime fan?

Guilty Crown is one of the biggest flops I’ve ever had the opportunity of witnessing. The series is a beautiful trainwreck embellished with nonsensical plot twists and inconsistent characterization. Anyone who persists enough will find more than a dozen blog posts pointing out the flaws of this series. The lack of thematic coherence, depth and logic in Guilty Crown truly makes it one of the most poorly handled series I’ve seen from 2011.

And yet, it’s one of the most watched and talked about shows on the internet. I wanted to be one of the cool kids who’d mock Guilty Crown on twitter so I had to pick it up despite my initial claim of dropping it.

True enough, everything I read on the internet was confirmed when I watched the series again. The plot developed in such a bizarre way I just couldn’t get my head around it.

Hell, watch this episode and don’t tell me you didn’t find Mana’s ballet one of the most out of place sequences in any anime ever. I can imagine the staff going “Oh wow, that sounds brilliant! Look at me, I’m getting goosebumps already!” and I myself can see the charm of a psychopathic brocon rapist dancing her way to the apocalypse, but damn– that song was so uncalled for and showing Paris and HongKong getting cancer crystals does not aid the situation at all! It just doesn’t fulfill the intended purpose.

Let us never speak of this moment again.

Come to think of it, Guilty Crown is a bunch of unrealized ideas. They’re all halfway there but never truly reach their full potential. There are plenty of NoitaminA shows that end up this way, however plenty of them are 11 episodes long and still possessed cohesiveness. Guilty Crown is 22 episodes of poorly executed ideas. The concepts themselves had a lot of potential but neither took a direction that made it prominent or important enough. Those things were all over the place and things happened whenever the writers felt like they needed to get the plot moving again.

Discontent with ruining good concepts, it seems the next step for the writers was screwing Shuu over. I know a lot of people hold hatred towards Shuu, saying he’s the ultimate cause of the show’s failures but I disagree. In fact, he was probably the most consistent character of the whole show being the insufferable twat that he is who eventually realized that he was being an asshole and started getting shit done. It’s sad that he managed to save the world but he lost his arm, his eyesight, his friends and the love of his life. I mean– at this point you’d think he was better off dying. But he didn’t and now he has to grow old and live knowing that the only way he could feel Inori’s presence by listening to her old songs while Funnel makes robot babies.

He will never be with his waifu.

That said, Glasses Bro (Rowan is his name and you better not forget!) deserved a Savior award too. He lived serving psychotic assholes and in the very last moment he sacrificed his life for Daryl who shot a mother and child to death.

“You won’t even leave a speck of dust behind. You will never be happy!”

“Daryl. I have…obtained true light!”

As much as I wish an anime like Guilty Crown never gets made again, the sales and the recent announcement of a short Guilty Crown spin off based on the game may be signs of more to come. Of course, I hope that’s not that case because I’d rather we learn from our mistakes and start anew. Now on to that Black Rock Shooter finale…

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  1. lol this show. I swear, right from the first episode, i knew something was really wrong. Lots of things in the first episode didnt really make sense in a lot of ways. So glad i dropped it after that. Reading all the blog stuff after that has been very entertaining though :P Now that we have this crap and Black Rock Shooter out of the way, lets prepare for the awesomeness of Fate Zero S2 coming our way soon! XD just a few more weeks!

  2. That’s a shame, because the animation looks quite nice.

  3. What was the name of the Ballet/Opera that Mana danced to????

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