Ozma 01 – Dive Into the Desert

What a relief! Subs came out sooner than expected!

Let’s see…Ozma features beautiful Leiji Matsumoto designs and is refreshingly old school.

I’m okay with this.

While the animation quality is far from stellar, the extra emphasis on the line weight in Ozma gives it a very unique texture and feel. The character art truly brings to mind Leiji Matsumoto’s manga art (which I personally find to be hypnotic and dream-like…specifically Galaxy Express 999). Unfortunately, the problem is that this clashes with the all too smoothly CG rendered ships. These complaints aside, Ozma’s visuals are satisfactory.

Unto the episode itself…this was a rather slow start, but certain sacrifices have to be made considering its length. A lot of time was spent establishing characters and the environment. Things picked up half way through and Ozma ended on a high note. The next episode sounds exciting!

Hahaha! He reminds me of Mr. Leiji Matsumoto himself!

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  1. Yeah, everything about Ozma is super retro! I thought the first episode was fairly standard stuff (verging on cliched), but I happen to have a weakness for submarine stories so the end of the episode came as a happy surprise for me. I’ll probably end up watching all six episodes.

    • I’m on the same boat as you are, the first half was a bit tedious to get into but then it started to get really exciting in the second half and I can’t refuse a good ‘ol “FIRE DA LASEERZZ” scenario.

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