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A good number of the characters in this show speak in codes, being as vague as possible in regards to the core mystery of the series. Starbust from Daifuuku! has written down a post studying the literary allusions and the inspiration taken from real life events we can find in Another.

I have to admit, I laughed a little with the umbrella scene. I’m sure it was supposed to be shocking and perhaps laughing is a way for me to laugh off the shock, but Mizushima tends to do unintentionally hilarious gore.

Onibara – Sakakibara, Juvenile Law

Few important points I’d like to discuss here, the month, the year, Kouichi’s family name are all relevant to the mystery. The anime is set in the year 1998 and in the month of May, a year after the Sakakibara Seito murders. As some of you may have found out by now, Sakakibara Seito is the alias of a 14 year old student whose murder of two children caused a great uproar in 1997. I can’t call myself an expert on law but around 1997, Sakakibara would’ve been under Juvenile Law (scroll down for ‘Juvenile Justice’) and his real identity is never revealed to the public (often referred to as ‘Shounen A’). Some reports say he’s a free man now.

Let’s put the case above in relation to the anime, Kouichi’s mother was part of class 3, 26 years ago. Reiko, his aunt reveals that to us. That means that his mother Ritsuko was in the same class as Misaki. Looking back on the first episode, Mei tells Kouichi that his name is somewhat related to a ‘cruel and senseless death in this school’. This leads me to believe that someone in Kouichi’s family was involved in what happened to Misaki.

Plenty of Asian horror movies use revenge as a central theme. A ghost harbors a grudge, and the main character attempts to give it justice as compensation. I can see that a similar theme might be happening in Another in which a curse is placed on Class 3.

Either a cover up happened, or the adults turned a blind eye on what may have really happened. Notice how rumor spreads and the details of Misaki’s death are unclear. Funnily enough, they’ve never explicitly stated whether or not Misaki from 26 years ago was a boy or a girl. I was actually under the impression Misaki was a girl, but after rewatching the first episode today, there wasn’t a clear indication.

Skipping Months

It’s hard to understand why the class needs to wait for next month before telling Kouichi about what happened 26 years ago. I’m guessing there’s a rule here that needs to be observed. There’s probably less than a week before May ends. There’s a chance that these deaths happen following a pattern that the students may have figured out. The reference to the ‘first year’ may have been pertaining to the first year in which the curse took effect.

Chess Pieces

I thought Kazami was your typical control freak, but he’s shown an unexpected side of him today. The series is being very subtle with how these characters think, but it was pretty obvious that Kazami said that he was aiming for West High so Sakuragi would hear. Highschool exams are still a pretty big deal if you’re aiming for the best schools, so I guess he’s doing it to chase after Sakuragi? Too bad she’s dead now.

A few students have expressed their desire to move to Tokyo, I find this a very nice detail because it shows how (in one way or another) these kids aren’t satisfied with the small town of Yomiyama and what interests me even more is that most of the people I remember saying this are girls. I might be looking too much into this but it’s understandable why the tall guy gave Kouichi a dirty glare. He’s an outsider, spreading his dirty city germs and stealing the women! City boys, they’re always up to no good!

Joking aside, I can see Kouichi’s not going to get along with his class very well from now on. It doesn’t help he was the first person to find Sakuragi down the stairs. This show’s slow pace has been growing on me, also– is it just me or have the doll screens lessened? Maybe Mizushima is listening after all!

Good night sweet princess.

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