Hunter x Hunter 326 – Family Matters

This family relationship chart is hilarious in SO MANY WAYS.

I really wanted to write something about Fate/Zero, which was an awesome Rider and Waver episode by the way. But I’m going to have to write something about that shounen no one gives a fuck about: Hunter x Hunter.

I actually know what to talk about here. That F/Z post, (if it ever gets written) will have to wait for tomorrow.



Let’s talk about Hunter x Hunter: The Family Soap Opera.

There’s a lot happening in this chapter. A video introducing the 16 qualified candidates voted by the Hunter Association is shown. Leorio sits comfortably on the #3 position while Cheadle Yorkshire (Because, she’s the DOG of the Zodiac. Oh Togashi, you and your terrible puns.) and Pariston Hill (Oh god! It’s derived from Paris Hilton, isn’t it?!) are leading the polls. Ging managed to get in as the 16th candidate, but it is assumed that the votes he got were out of sympathy.

The news of Leorio getting the third spot surprises Killua, who is on his way to the hospital Gon is in. During the trip, his older brother Illumi gives him a phonecall, divulging his intent to kill Alluka. From what I understand, “Inner Missions” are internal family conflicts that are meant to be resolved without killing other ‘family members’ in the process. However, who is considered to be a family member rests upon on the individual. Illumi doesn’t see Alluka as a sibling and is more than willing to kill her if it means keeping Killua and the Zoldyck family alive.

Killua after hearing Illumi’s threat, he realizes that everyone has been ganging up on him and Alluka. Pissed off, Killua challenges Illumi and says “I will beat you in your own game.”

Fighting for your imouto and your bromance buddy is the only way.

Illumi starts the battle by having two manipulated drivers to drive them off a cliff, effectively placing Killua and the three butlers in the thick forest.

Killua and Alluka are in a dire situation because there’s no way to determine those they can trust. While Killua’s well being is guaranteed (him being the family heir and all that), chances are that Alluka’s safety is more of an afterthought for Amane and Tsubone who are tasked with confiscating Alluka if ever the two are separated more than 1 meter. It’s safe to say that Killua’s real allies are Goto and Canary for the time being, however both butlers can’t really help him out openly.

After having a secret informant tell him that Killua knows of rules that the family are unaware of, Illumi decides that the best course of action would be for Hisoka to eliminate the butlers and separate Alluka from Killua. Illumi deducts that it would be best to put an end to Alluka once and for all. Of course, Hisoka’s a bit of a wild card. I think he may want to get Gon healed, and for that to happen– Killua needs to succeed.

By threatening Killua’s life, he angers Illumi. With Illumi engulfed in killing aura, Killua easily detects their locations.  Yeah, Hisoka decides to troll his partner and it’s funny.

So what do you do when you realize where Illumi and Hisoka are? You run like a bitch. I actually kind of like how HxH places a certain emphasis on escape and negotiation. With Illumi unwilling to negotiate, Killua (along with the butlers) and only run or confront the two. Killua is unconvinced of Amane and Tsubone’s loyalty though, what he wants is for his butlers to confirm that they’re also willing to safeguard Alluka. If not, they will become Killua’s enemies as well.

Uhuh. All that in 20 pages. Killua’s “I’ll beat you at your own game.” is a pretty vague statement. I wonder if he’s actually willing to kill the oldest brother or if he has an idea how to manipulate other people.

Plus, we’re still not sure what Alluka can contribute to the battle, she has no combat skills but we did hear that Killua is still capable of giving her an ‘order’. It’s not such a one-sided fight right now and I’m sure Illumi and Hisoka aren’t aware of how much Killua’s improved over the few months. There should be a significant improvement in Killua’s skills by now and while it’s uncertain how much better he’s become, his new abilities will definitely catch the two off guard. That or he activates Kanmaru and skip to a new city. At this point, I don’t think there’s anyone who can out speed Killua. But it seems Tsubone and Amane are teleporters, an ability Killua can’t go up against (but who knows?!). And Killua isn’t the kind of guy who’d leave his trusted butlers either, so I’m guessing the only options is either they all run at the same speed and keep together– or directly confront Illumi and Hisoka, taking them out. Honestly? I have no idea.


I’m really loving how unpredictable this arc is turning out to be. With so many factors at play, it’s almost impossible to come up with a theory that can put all the characters involved into consideration. This is the kind of manga where the author is clearly ahead of his readers, and it shows. Sure Killua having a wish granting sibling is kind of an asspull but that doesn’t matter because how it’s conveyed in the story is anything but asspull-ish. While it’s likely Killua survives this, Togashi has made it clear that you don’t get to survive a difficult arc without making sacrifices.

End Notes:

• Kalluto envies Alluka? He must be taking after his mother and Illumi. He probably envies Alluka’s relationship with Killua.

• LOL @ how Maha, the great grandfather– doesn’t get involved with family matters/

• The heart inbetween must mean mutual fondness? Nice to see that out of a family of seven, only three pairs actually like each other all the other relationships are either ‘give and take’ and some other stuff.

• So many hunters with weird jobs. What the hell is a Worry Hunter? It’s pretty interesting how not everyone is HURHUR I’M STRONG and have a different area of expertise. I wonder why Ging is so disliked? I know he’s a shitdad, but I’m not sure if he’s a jerk too.

Now, I’d just like to ask– Kurapika, where the hell are you?

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  1. In the end, Alluka dies or is close to, but Leorio becomes chairman and saves them all.

  2. Togashi has some very strong arcs (with G.I. being the weakest so far, in my opinion) but I do wish he gave us a smoother transition between G.I., this one and the Chimera Ant arc. Also I’m thinking about Hisoka’s statement in 323, when he was wondering whom he should fight next. Does it mean he beat Kuroro already? Sometimes I imagine that the earrings he’s wearing are Kuroro’s although they do look different.

    • Like you, I had no idea what to make of the GI arc. I do think the characters in that particular arc weren’t as fascinating as the Genei Ryodan or even the Chimera Ants. I’m a bit worried with what happened between Hisoka and Kuroro, it might have something to do with Kurapika being unreachable. :/

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