Hunter x Hunter 325 – Well Played Togashi, Well Played.

So…after 200 chapters, one of the greatest characters in the HxH universe is back and he punches one of the most hyped up characters (a.k.a one of the strongest nen users) in the face for being a shit dad.

Greatest manga ever.

What? Were you expecting something coherent for this post?

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  1. Togashi.


    Same thing.

  2. When I first saw this panel, I thought “oh no he didn’t”.

  3. FINALLY. No doubt this was all something Ging planned for, and Gon, when he comes to, will give some long dumb speech about he understands why his Dad is a douche and that he respects him for it. But for one glorious chapter, Leorio called the old man out and did what readers have been wanting to do for 300+ chapters.

    Is anyone else weirded put by the idea of Leorio as Hunter President? Now that’s what I call a goddamn plot twist. May not happen, but the idea that it COULD is just downright incredible, and hillarious, simulataeneously.

    • This. Ging is a shit dad and I’m glad Leorio punched him in the face. I understand the guy probably isn’t parent material AT ALL but still, what a douche.

      The funny thing is that Leorio might have a fighting chance in this. It’s probably not a fluke! I agree with you, if Leorio ever becomes the new chairman I am going to laugh my ass off and throw a party hahaha!

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