Un-Go ~Ingaron Manga Scans (Raw)

Un-Go Ingaron

Story By: Shou Aikawa
Art By: Kouga Yun and pako
Serialized in: Monthly Newtype

Thoughts:  Un-Go has two ongoing manga serialized in two different magazines. Another one is running in Newtype Ace. Unfortunately, I don’t have that magazine. Also, I can’t confirm whether this is the first chapter or not, since ANN states that the manga started running on September 10. So the first chapter is likely to be in Newtype October 2011 which I don’t have. I sort of forgot to get one last month. If anyone has that issue, I’d appreciate your help!

Anyway, the manga boasts of eyecandy. It’s full of thin, delicate lines and large areas of black which I am very fond of. The character interaction is emphasized here a lot. For example, Izumi seems to have a thing for Rinroku. Rie doesn’t like Izumi that much and boldly interrupts their conversation even though she’s only draped in a towel. The younger Inga seems more openly flirtatious with Shinjurou and Shinjurou is…Shinjurou. The real meat of this chapter though is the indication that another person was involved in that car accident and you can see some characters that have yet to appear in the anime. If anyone wants the scans you can find the download links below.



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  1. Unless I’m really misunderstanding things Inga was going to eat Rie once she started asking some uncomfortable questions about Inga and another entity with a power like Inga’s.

    Apparently part of Shinjuro’s agreement with Inga is that Inga exercise some discretion in who Inga eats? So it isn’t a one-sided arrangement maybe?

    There’s another chapter before this one, guess it is from the other manga. It gives Rie blushing cheeks around Shinjuro the way Izumi gets them around Rinroku. Thanks for posting this.

    • So it isn’t a one-sided arrangement maybe?
      Interesting. I wonder why though. There must be something about these partnerships that requires entities like Inga to have someone control who she eats.

      It gives Rie blushing cheeks around Shinjuro the way Izumi gets them around Rinroku.
      Awww I figured she’d develop a crush on Shinjuro sooner or later, she wasn’t very happy seeing the younger Inga flirting with Shinjuro in this chapter. Hopefully someone comes and scans the first chapter because I’ve been having trouble finding an October issue of Newtype. :(

    • Oh thank you! I wasn’t sure where to find it. I’m amused how the adult Inga in the manga causes all the men to get flustered. Rie was blushing around Shinjuro a lot hahaha! It looks like it starts with a continuation of the Masked Mansion? It looks like a retelling though…

  2. It’s a retelling. It’s about like the new chapter, I think: both seem to be set-ups to upcoming arcs, the old one is an alternate set-up for eps 3 and 4 and the newer one looks like a set-up for episode 5, maybe? Or maybe a set-up for the backstory movie?

    • Ah I see, so it is a retelling of the Masked Mansion arc. It might be a setup for the backstory movie because of the characters we see, like the bandaged man and the girl who seems to have similar abilities to Inga’s. Should be interesting, I’m guessing the next chapter comes out at November 10? This should be good. XD

      • Yeah, I took the time to re-read the new chapter more carefully. The key conversation between Rie and Shinjuro is hard to follow b/c it’s a bit elliptical, and it starts in a confusing way (apparently Rie knows that the boy Inga is named Inga, but didn’t know that that’s also the name of adult woman Inga…took a bit to figure that out).

        It’s basically that she shows up and asks about “that woman boss” in an open-ended way. Inga’s antics lead her to ask Shinjuro “so, that woman’s name is Inga?” and he’s like “yeah, but so what?”

        Rie is like “you’re lying” and shows him the pictures (focusing on the one that does look a lot like Inga). Shinjuro changes the subject to “how’d you get these photos?”, and Rie’s like “I knew you were lying, two these are the key figures in the case my dad’s currently investigating.”

        Shinjuro insists he’s not lying and that they’re dead. Rie talks about the cult a bit more and Shinjuro’s like that has nothing to do with Inga. That’s when Rie brings up that Inga has a strange power and apparently the cult leader has a similar strange power.

        Then there’s a funny interaction: Shinjuro’s like “…so what does all this mean?” and Rie’s response is loosely “You’re the detective, figuring it out is your job!”

        Then Inga tries to lure Rie away (to eat her) and Shinjuro intervenes by kicking Rie out of the office and locking the door. He chews Inga out a bit, the gist of it is Inga was going to just take a sip (like the cult leaders do…) b/c if Rie found out too much more it’d be bad, or something. There’s that flashback that I get exactly 0%.

        Shinjuro opens the door and asks Rie if she was requesting him to investigate, and she’s like yes, I’m making a request. That’s the meat. The stuff with the graffiti is funny but a rehash of one of the web shorts. The stuff at the start with Izumi isn’t that interesting.

        At least I think that’s the meat. The conversation is hard for me to follow b/c they’re not exactly responding to what the previous person said.

        • Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to explain what was going on. I was wondering why Rie had pictures of the woman and the other man,. The plot thickens! It seems Shinjuro knew both of them but it’s really, really mysterious right now. It seems the bandaged man is similar to Shinjuro? It’s hard to speculate as of the moment but wow, this is really intriguing stuff.

          • Yeah, it was a nice break from real work to read this one carefully, and if you hadn’t posted it here I wouldn’t have seen it, so no worries. It’s right at about the limit of what my Japanese can still handle, and I hope a proper scanlation gets done so I can see what I got wrong.

            It doesn’t help that the key dialog really is confusing: Rie thinks she has a lead on Inga-the-woman b/c the woman in the photos is now the white-haired cult leader, but she used to look exactly like Inga. So she thinks she’s got Inga pinned and calls Shinjuro on it, but we know that that woman isn’t Inga, but Shinjuro can’t tell her that, etc….confusing conversation, confusing situation.

            I almost feel like I was less confused before I read it, lol. What a rich world they’ve managed to spin out in 4 episodes and 2 manga chapters, eh?

            • I’m crossing my fingers that someone picks this up, Inga’s existence in Un-Go is one of the biggest mysteries of the series and the movie will take a while to be available.

              What a rich world they’ve managed to spin out in 4 episodes and 2 manga chapters, eh?

              I also think it comes with prior knowledge with the anime too, so that helps a lot.

              Random: I actually visited the website today and saw they had info on the movie out. I think the brown haired girl’s name was Yuuko Kuruta? I might’ve misread but it looks like the movie is going down the prequel route as opposed to the manga that is doing a more ‘revisiting the past’ path.

              • Yeah, in the manga it’s Yuuko Kurata and the guy is Oono something.

                The movie has already been billed as a prequel I thought, hence the episode zero title. The comic is set in the ‘present’.

                So guessing the movie explains about Inga and the show will follow up with these two people.

                • I’m lamenting the fact that I won’t be able to see the movie the same time as the people in Japan will. But at least we have the manga!

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