Mirai Nikki 04 – What am I Watching?

The best way to enjoy Mirai Nikki is to treat it like a cheesy B movie. This is the kind of stuff you watch for mindless entertainment filled with blood and gore. To expect anything more of Mirai Nikki is asking for too much, by the time this show brought in the hypnotized zombies I knew there was no way this show was taking itself seriously. 

What’s clever about this episode of Mirai Nikki is that it was essentially a ticking time bomb. You know things were going to spiral out of control and you had to sit and watch Yuno slowly losing her grip. The girl’s insane but she does know how to keep up a good front. One of the most satisfying things in this episode was how the Sixth’s demands gradually chipped away that cheerful and calm exterior.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t think this show does so well with shocks. The last episode was a decent effort and reminded me a bit of Takeshi Miike’s Audition in the way it played out (the formula was basically a rom-com beginning that did a complete 180 somewhere in the middle). This episode didn’t have that shock element in it despite the fact that we see people wielding axes and sickles, hacking listlessly at one another.

I’d hate to bring this up, but I found that Blood-C did this better. It was comical but at the same time it knew how to present violence with shock value. Comical violence and shock value can go together. That’s why Evil Dead, Dead Alive and Ichi the Killer are awesome. But then…Blood-C isn’t exactly comedy, who cares though? It was hilarious.

This along with the last episode are possibly the strongest episodes of Mirai Nikki so far. I’m slowly getting used to the fact that this show isn’t necessarily a battle of wits, it’s probably just an excuse to exercise bizarre ideas.

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  1. What you’re watching?

    You’re watching good stuff!

  2. Yuno is so damn lovely…*___*

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