Hunter x Hunter 322 – Nightmare Fuel

What a disturbing chapter.

With Gon’s life on the line, Killua returns to the Zoldyck mansion. He meets up with his father Silva and requests that he meet Alluka, the fourth child and Killua’s sibling. Unlike my initial assumption, Alluka has never gone missing at all but has been locked up by the family because of her frightening ability.

Alluka Zoldyck

Things this chapter confirmed:

  • Alluka is in the Zoldyck mansion and hidden from other people
  • Killua refers to Alluka as 妹 (younger sister), which confirms that Alluka is a girl. Although with Togashi, you never know.
  • Alluka’s ability is a wish granting ability based on equivalent exchange.

The rules and conditions of Alluka’s ability:

Alluka’s ability is based on equivalent exchange. If you grant her three favors, she’ll grant you one wish. The sign of whether or not you’ve successfully done all three is when Alluka’s eyes turn completely black.

Alluka in wish granting mode.

Alluka will ask you a maximum of four favors. Declining four in a row will mean the your death and the death of your most loved one. Depending on how big the wish is, Alluka will take a certain amount of lives equivalent to the wish.

The ‘degree’ or the ‘weight’ of the wish has no certain limit so the Zoldyck family assumes that Alluka’s ability can grant anything. The next person Alluka decides to pester with her favors will have to pay the amount of the previous person’s wish.

Yasuha, one of the butlers managed to fulfill three small favors and in turn was allowed to make a wish. His wish was to make him a billionaire.

Junji Ito-inspired artwork.

Edited this portion after finding out that Kasuga and Yasuha are NOT lovers: Illumi then tasks another butler, Kasuga to decline Alluka’s requests. Kasuga declines all four. The three favors asked Kasuga to give her liver, duodenum, spine and brain. Unable to fulfill any of the favors Kasuga and her lover die along with 67 other people.


So what happens if you don’t give Alluka an answer? This is where I say that it completely depends on Alluka’s perception of what a refusal is. If Alluka assumes your silence as a refusal then she’ll just ask another for another favor. If Alluka assumes your silence as a ‘Let me think about it.’ kind of thing then she won’t ask for more favors. From what I’ve seen of Alluka’s personality though, she’d probably consider silence as a ‘no’. This isn’t a good thing.

She’s a Death Note Doraemon.

Assuming you grant 1 out of four favors, this probably resets the ‘four in a row’ which means Alluka gets to ask you four favors again. If possible you can see through a maximum of 12 favors, leaving you with more options.

Right now, there’s just too many mysteries with this arc as of the moment. Putting aside the two subplots that have been introduced, we have yet to find out what’s happened with Kurapika and Leorio as well as the Spiders.

Another subject of intense debate is Alluka’s gender. If Alluka has been a girl all this time, why did the Zoldycks hide her gender from the public? Remember that it’s always said that there’s five brothers in the Zoldyck family, not plain siblings but brothers. And Illumi in chapter 320 was referred to as an 弟 (otouto, younger brother). Which makes it even more confusing. Are there actually six Zoldyck children and Alluka is actually disowned? This isn’t a problem with translation because the translators were still referring to Alluka as a ‘he’ until this chapter came in.

Knowing Togashi, we won’t get any answers soon. He’s going to switch the focus next chapter just because he’s a troll. Dammit!

To end this post, have an Alluka. She’s adorable. Adorable and creepy.

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  1. Disturbing chapter is disturbing. Feels a bit cheap honestly, but Togashi certainly knows how to make it interesting.

    • I didn’t really feel that it was ‘cheap’ but I’m not sure whether you’re referring to the chapter’s scare tactics or Alluka’s abilities itself. Because when I found out that she could grant wishes I was like, O BOY. It’s definitely interesting though, and I think there’s a few more mysteries to be unearthed. (I hope.)

  2. This doesn’t make sense but sounds hella interesting.

    • And by don’t make sense I mean that there don’t seem to be any laws of nature in the HxH world :p

      • there don’t seem to be any laws of nature in the HxH world :p

        Oh believe me, there is. I don’t think there’s any other shounen manga that has such a strict and realistic power system.

  3. So which of the Zoldyck siblings was the one who joined the Ryodan and went missing? The one the youngest of the clan joined the Spiders in order to find? I may be rembering that plot thread wrong, or she is a “disowned” member of the family like you suggest, ’cause Alluka makes five.

    In a turn of events that surprises absolutely nobody, Killua had a monumentally fucked up childhood! What I’m worried about is how he knew what the penalty was for failing to grant her requests before they saw one of the butlers get sucked up into a portal and deposited out again as bloody chunks. Brrrr…

    • So which of the Zoldyck siblings was the one who joined the Ryodan and went missing?

      I think this is just the fandom speculating that one of the Genei Ryodan members is the lost brother. It seems Alluka is the fifth ‘brother’.

      The Zoldycks are so messed up. By the looks of it Killua’s the most normal one out of them and that’s saying a lot. Killua’s gotten himself into something really dangerous, that’s for sure.

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