August Round-up: The Good and the Bad.

My face when I realize that summer hasn’t been that great.

Would you look at that, I just entered my sixth month of anime blogging. I’m impressed with myself! I wasn’t sure I’d last this long, I didn’t think I’d have the patience to keep up with so many shows. Before I started an anime blog, I’d just drop a show if I found it annoying enough. That kind of approach doesn’t really make for a good anime blogger, huh? I think this blog has made me very lenient though, I wonder if that’s a good thing?

August Summer Rankings:

Probably the same thing the guys behind Tiger & Bunny were telling Sunrise.

1. Tiger & Bunny

I’m still amazed how Tiger & Bunny pulled it off. Apparently, even Sunrise didn’t think it’d be such a hit.

This show deserves the top spot. It’s been consistently entertaining. It’s simply the kind of show that understands its audience. I know it’s too early to call it, but Tiger & Bunny is probably one of the best shows to come out this 2011.

You will never have a Nyanko-sensei on your back. ;-;

2. Natsume Yuujinchou San

Possibly the best 1 cour show this summer. While I don’t find the Matoba arc particularly amazing, I think it was a necessary inclusion to the series. Natsume, Natori and Matoba offer three solid perspectives of the youkai and this is something Natsume needs to learn. He disagrees with Matoba’s beliefs but he must accept this harsh reality. Natsume Yuujinchou is a solid series that goes beyond a ‘healing slice of life’. An episode of Natsume has more substance than– Nevermind, I won’t even go there. Natsume is a great show and it’s either you love it or hate it. I love it, I like crying bitch tears.

Here, have some Eve to confuse your sexuality.

3. No.6

I wish I could put into consideration the episode that aired today. This could’ve easily placed No.6 above Natsume. This show is solid, it has so much going for it, it’s such a shame it’s only 11 episodes. We need more shows like No.6. I don’t mean we need more ‘BL’ in our anime, I’m saying we need more shows that challenge the audience. A lot of anime are happy sitting in their comfort zones. The 8th episode was slightly disappointing but all in all No.6 has been well put together. Also as far as animation and art direction goes, this show is one of the best– or rather, the best this season. Others may disagree but I just feel that No.6’s world in 8 episodes has been painted immaculately.

4. Steins;Gate

I expected Steins;Gate would be up there with Tiger & Bunny but the show had its ups and downs. It’s stellar acting is consistent though. A lot of the scenes were up to how good the acting was and I think that the Steins;Gate cast did it very well.

Oh boooooyyy.

5. Ao no Exorcist

That whole arc with Rin revealing himself as Satan’s son to his friends was my least favorite part of the whole show. This show will probably never reach the emotional heights that the 2nd episode reached but it’s still one of those shows I look forward to every week. It’s a decent shounen adventure story and maybe that’s what’s best for this show now.

Obligatory headless chick.

6. Blood-C

Blood-C is the kind of show that tests your patience. Sometimes I watch and wonder if anyone involved in this show gives a fuck. The only reason this is above the other shows in this list is because I believe it has more potential than those shows. It’s also not afraid of killing off characters. Some may argue that ‘lol this has such bad characterization, why do you even care if they die?’ but in Blood-C’s case, at least it’s doing something.

There are things far worse than death.

7. Sacred Seven

Sacred Seven is bad. But it’s the kind of bad that makes you laugh. Also, it doesn’t really do anything that actively annoys me. Not only that, “I stopped being a rock and moved.” Is probably one of the best lines this summer. I wondered what Sacred Seven’s target demographic is, and I guess it’s for 12 – 13 year olds so perhaps I was expecting too much from it.

A typical Kamisama Dolls moment. “Whoa, we’re so serious!” and then “Lol! Just kidding! Have some boobs!”

8. Kamisama Dolls

Kamisama Dolls thinks it’s doing something when it’s actually doing nothing. I get the feeling that it’s trying to go for a structure similar to Durarara!! with it’s focus to several plot points, but Durarara!! had 24 episodes and even with that amount the show was mediocre for me. Unless you have the energy and insanity of Baccano! going for you, I can’t see how Kamisama Dolls thought that this was a good idea. All I see is a mess with bad animation to make it even worse.

Every time I finish an episode, I just tell myself: “I’m glad it’s over.” As a teardrop falls from the corner of my eye.

8. Dantalian no Shoka

(Yes, it’s a tie) No show this season has disappointed me as much as Dantalian no Shoka. The only redeeming factor I can see so far is Huey and the occasional eye candy when it comes to the animation. The problem here is that the characters go from episode to episode facing tragedy, but you don’t feel that weight. Does it help them grow? Does it help them realize that how helpless they are? What do these encounters mean for the main characters? The series isn’t making that much of an effort to drive the point home and it shows. Not only that, it persists that the tsundere antics between Huey and Dalian are supposed to be funny. This show isn’t funny, I’m afraid.

Not included on the list:

Usagi Drop

I haven’t been catching up with Usagi Drop! The show is nice and all, but at this point I have to wonder– why should I watch Usagi Drop this week? I think it’s better off being seen sporadically seen.

Mawaru Penguindrum

Having three 2 cour shows to follow is a challenge in itself. Especially when most 2 cour shows start getting better when they go past the first half anyway. I already know what happens until episode 9 or 10 because of the novel translations.

Hunter x Hunter

Well, it’s a  12 year old manga so I don’t think adding it in the rankings is fair. This has been an incredible shounen manga so far though but doomed to be misunderstood and avoided for plenty of reasons.

Uta no Prince-sama

Too lazy to actually care that I’ve missed out on so many episodes. Also, isn’t funny enough.


Same reason as Uta no Prince-sama. In this case, I might as well drop UtaPri and Nichijou.


  1. I’m always impressed with how many shows anibloggers seem to follow. I tend to struggle with more than 3…

    I think more people will start picking up HxH again once the new anime starts. I’m not sure what to expect with the remake, but I’m looking forward to reliving the Hunter Exam once more!

    • I could only finish 2 shows from last winter! I’m amazed that number has gone up since I made this blog.

      Me too, I’m not sure about the latest remake but I’m really excited to see how HxH will look with new animation! I hear people didn’t like the Hunter Exam, but it was so fun!

  2. Oh, Sacred Seven. Judging by the pre-season advertising saying that it would be “the next hit” and the pretty animation, it’s obvious that Sunrise thought that it would do better than Tiger and Bunny. Shows how much they know. :D

    At least Sacred Seven is a good show to enjoy ironically. And I don’t really mean that in a hipster way, it’s just an unintentionally hilarious show.

    • Shows how much they know. :D

      Hahaha! I hope this is a lesson for Sunrise. It’s just too funny to drop at this point, w-why…it’s almost endearing.

  3. Agreed about Tiger and Bunny and Steins;Gate. T&B has been a lot of fun to watch throughout it’s run and is going through a really good arc right now, and while S;G has been a bit uneven lately, it’s found a good place right now. I’m a little iffy on the direction that No. 6 has taken, though. I like the cast and I think that the most recent episode could set up a really nice ending, but I really wish that the show would forget all of those fantastical elements it introduced. I’m still enjoying it though.

    Kamisama Dolls isn’t a good show by any means, and it’s not even bad enough to be a guilty pleasure. The only reason that I’m still watching it is to see how much it can drag things out and how much drama it can flub, and because it helps me appreciate the good things that I’m watching better.

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