Fall Anime 2011 – Brief Thoughts

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No HxH, Penguindrum or Blood-C means I can actually write this post instead of pondering about Saya’s coffee. Summer has been a good season, not necessarily as great as spring but still good. But damn it, fall has a great line up too.

Priority List:

1. Hunter x Hunter

Hands down this is the one I need to see. I loved the original animated series and the manga is one of the best shounen mangas out there.  The world is dense and the battle system is possibly one of the most intricate and realistic battle systems out there. That aside, it has a great array of characters and the development they go through is fantastic. This is the one series I expect a lot from. Plus, this might also mean that we’ll get to see the Chimera Ant arc animated next year.

But here’s the problem– the Nippon Animation adaptation was superb, it followed the manga very closely and the fillers were very good, they actually enriched the characters a bit more. The only thing that may need improving is the Greed Island arc. It wasn’t the best and the manga was far superior. If there was one part of the anime OVAs I’d like to see improved, it’d be the GI arc. Anyway, I’m not sure how Madhouse is going to fare with the original adaptation but I’m still excited!

2. UN-GO

Another BONES project for NoitaminA. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. The art spread for Newtype August (?) had me. The whole premise sounds intriguing enough, and I liked that they didn’t release a lot of information for some time because it brings that air of mystery to it. The chart doesn’t have a synopsis but you can read it here at AniDB. Yun Kouga’s character designs are sleek and minimal, it really looks like this show could end up looking fantastic. I’m not a huge fan of her character designs, but her work here looks great.

3. Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

There was a brief feature on Phi Brain on NHK’s Imaginenation a few weeks back, I think. What really struck me about it is that this show aims to make you think. And no, I don’t think the mean in an End of Evangelion way. The show is about puzzles and puzzle solving. Plus, with Junichi Sato on the director’s seat– you can expect some good things from this show. Oh, and it’s a Sunrise production. You may hate Sacred Seven, but when Sunrise wants to bring it on, they bring it on. Which by the way brings us to…

4. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

I wasn’t too sure about this…until I saw the trailer. There’s potential in this show and Sunrise might be on to something here. I didn’t like Gundam SEED or 00, which has made me wary of AGE. But I’m still going to watch this because it’s different and the three generation story line could make this into an epic.

5. Mirai Nikki

Sounds like the kind of thing I’d get into. There’s a strange trend going around in anime these days with time travel, control over the future and destiny. Hmmm. The grimdarkness of this does worry me. Hopefully it won’t be as pathetic as Deadman Wonderland.

6. Guilty Crown

The other NoitaminA show next season, which I assume will become more popular than UN-GO for reasons that need not to be stated in this blog. I’m not convinced yet. It does look like it has the makings of something great, and the trailer is a visual feast.

7. Kimi to Boku

Finished reading what’s available of the manga on the net and nope, not a K-On! genderbend. There’s no cake and it’s actually pretty funny. The guys are interested in girls and it’s mostly bromance. Not the most brilliant slice-of-life/gag manga though.

8. Lupin III

It’d be great to see these iconic characters in action again.

9. Persona 4: The Animation

The only thing I know about this show is that it has a lot of BL doujins of the protagonist and that other guy.

Other shows I might check out:

1. Ben-To

I only heard of David Production when Level E started airing, and I loved Level-E. The trailer shows that this could be really funny if done right.

2. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

Urgh. I shouldn’t have seen that trailer. The premise sounded like we were going to get a war epic, but the trailer seemed to be all about ‘hot girls fighting and some stuff exploding, oh and it’s kind of dramatic…I guess.’ I don’t know.

3. Chihayafuru

CARD GAMES. This could be good but then I’m not even remotely interested in card games. This show could change my mind and make it interesting though. Isn’t this what sports genre is about anyway?

All in all, the priority list itself is made up of nine titles. That’s already pretty good. What are you guys looking forward to?


  1. If there’s one anime I’m curious about, it is Chihayafuru. The manga has sold really well in Japan–it also had won an award as well, so I wonder how it’ll translate to an animation…

    • Ohh that does make me want to check it out. All I knew about it was that it had card games as a theme, thanks for that additional info.

  2. So many damn sequels next season. I really don’t know what to think. Even a promising Madhouse title is about a card game so I’m a little… well, hesitant.

    • Ohhh…I didn’t notice the number of sequels until you mentioned it. Most of them I can do without, oh wait, I can do without all of them. I agree about the card game bit, I’m just not that interested in the game itself. :/

      • There does actually seem to be mecha shows next season which might be a welcome change of pace. I was never really a fan of Gundam before, but for some reason, I have a desire to watch the new one.

        • I remember watching NHK World’s ImagineNation and how the spring season had a lot of great titles but lacked a mecha epic and how they really wanted to see another mecha epic again. I guess Sunrise understood that. AGE could surprise us.

  3. Ooh Hunter x Hunter is getting more anime. I totally didn’t spot it when I first saw the chart some time ago. I do like the manga quite a bit, so I might pick this up. I’d probably have to watch the prequel though.

    Anyway, so many sequels overall…

    • Oh I don’t think the prequel is necessary because it’s going to be a remake. I really enjoyed the manga and it’s so nice to see Hunter x Hunter again.

      I agree with the sequels bit. I can think of a few shows that don’t need two seasons!

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