Fall 2014: On Terraformars

[HorribleSubs] Terra Formars - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.18_[2014.09.26_22.13.32]

My first encounter with Hiroshi Hamasaki’s work was through a little series called Texhnolyze. The series tells the somber tale of a dying city and its descent to madness as its citizens slowly cast away their humanity.

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Review – Tokyo Ghoul

tkg (2)

Kaneki Ken’s date goes terribly wrong and it’s a shame because he used to be such a nice boy.

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Artbook / Guide Book Review Poll

I decided to open a poll for which artbook I should review first since I’d like to know what people are interested in. If you have other suggestions you can look at my complete list of artbooks owned here, the list also links to information about the books themselves.

I conveniently left out some books from this poll because I really wanted too keen on reviewing those! Anyway if you’re interested go and take a vote!

*Edit: To avoid confusion, I’d like to note that some of these are guide books, fan books or┬ádesign works so they’re not art collections (The Penguindrum artbook is sorta a combination of both). The Valvrave fan book and Tsuritama visual fanbook in particular contain episode guides, character designs, staff interviews etc. Design works books are more focused on original character designs and prototypes. So please keep this in mind when voting.


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